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CMC South Board Meeting - South (CMC-S) - Home

CMC South Board Meeting Saturday, May 18, 2013 9:00 a.m. Noon, Embassy Suites Hotel, Ontario, CA Agenda Welcome, Introductions (10 min) Professional Learning (60 min) Math Practices Vignettes; 2013 DRAFT MATH FRAMEWORK Affiliate Networking (30 min) SMART GOALS, Affiliate Luncheon,

NCSM Leadership Academy CMC S Board Business I (30 min) Minutes Treasurer Report 2012-13 Proposed Budget, 2013-14 2013-2014 CMC South Slate CMC S Reports (15 min) Section Committees, Representatives State Committees, Representatives CMC S Vehicles (Groups) (15

min) Conferences: SUPPORT FOR EMERGING LEADERS K-5 Social Media/Communication/Outreach: MEMBERSHIP OUTREACH via Social Media Use of Fiscal /Human Resources VOLUNTEERS MATTER Exploring Web PD CMC S Board Business II (10 min)

Meeting Materials Welcome, Introductions CMC South Board CMC South Committee Chairs CMC State Committee Chairs Invited Representatives Benjamin Banneker Association (BBA) West TODOS: Mathematics For All Math for America (MfA) [San Diego, Los Angeles]

Professional Learning DOING MATH: VIGNETTES Standards for Mathematical Practices in use in the Classroom 2013 Draft Mathematics Framework

Guiding Principle 4: Equity All students should have a high quality mathematics program that prepares them for college and a career. All California students should have a high quality mathematics program that meets the goals and expectations of these standards and addresses students individual interests and talents. The standards provide clear signposts along the way to the goal of college and career readiness for all students. The standards provide for a broad range of students, from those requiring additional support to those with talent in mathematics. To promote achievement of these standards, teachers should encourage classroom talk, reflection, use of multiple problem solving strategies, and a positive disposition toward mathematics. They

should have high expectations for all students. At every level of the education system, teachers should act on the belief that every child should learn challenging mathematics. 2013 Draft Mathematics Framework Chapters found at: /be/cc/cd/draftmathfw chapters.asp Draft 2013 Framework

Review at: /ci/ma/cf/mathpublicre view.asp Public Input 2013 Draft Mathematics Framework PUBLIC INPUT:

Whats here? Whats NOT? How does it support teaching and learning, to launch the transformation? Looking through a variety of lenses Group Work Professional Learning: Lenses on Draft Framework Critical Areas Progressio ns

Rigor Math Practices and Content Transitional K to Grade 12 Close Opportunit y Gaps

Sum It Up & Share/Reflect Chart Your Groups Findings (Your Lens, Whats here, whats not) Gallery Walk List three ways Section & Affiliates foster educators ability to provide input to Draft

Framework April 17, 2013- June 17, 2013 Summer, 2013 (60 days) Appreciation FRAMEWORK Ed dSouza Bruce Grip Rosa Serratore Brian Shay SUPPLEMENTAL INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS ADOPTION Affiliate Networking & Support Affiliate Sharing:Social Media RSBCMTA January Dinner Meeting Elementary and Secondary Tasks to Support the CCSS Guest Facilitators: Dr. Melanie Maxwell and Bruce Grip Tuesday, January 22, 2013 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

As math educators we continue to seek answers to questions about the Common Core State Standards: "OK, now I have seen them, so what should these new standards look like in my classroom? "Exactly how does it look different from what I am already doing? "What kind of questions do I need to be asking my students? Give One-Get "What should my administrator be seeing when she/he observesOne my classroom for implementation?" Affiliate Sharing:

Progress towards SMART Goals LACTMA SGVMC 2013 CMC-South Annual Conference Affiliate Luncheon Saturday, November 2, 2013 Affiliate Tables: $200.00 Individual seats: $25.00 Tables need to be bought at the September Board Meeting

Use Affiliate Tables for recruiting new members and leaders, to reward volunteers, to Network! NCSM Leadership Academy l CMC South Supports Affiliates Attend NCSM Leadership In particular, participants can

Academy to advance SMART Goals CMC South pays NCSM Leadership Academy registration, up to total of two (2) affiliate leaders nominated by CMC S affiliates. expect to learn about key formative assessment practices and receive related instructional and professional learning

resources including: posing worthwhile assessment questions, organizing productive faculty discourse around formative assessment results, strategies and resources to include students in the evaluation of work products, and using descriptive feedback for students. Due to: [email protected] by June 1, 2013.

CMC S Board Business Minutes (May, 2013) Treasurer Report 2012-2013 Budget Report Section Conference

2013-2014 Budget Proposal Draft budget Proposed activities to develop/extend SMART goals, committees Other input CMC South Election Coming! May June, 2013: Nominations July August, 2013: Statements from Candidates September-October, 2013: Election November, 2013: Results Announced January 1, 2014 December 30, 2015: Executive Board term of office

CMC Committee & Representatives Reports CMC South SMART Goals Math Ed. Communit y Members Board Give One, Get One!

Increase So Cal math educators access to information Broaden mathematics education professional networks Active

participatio n, exchange of resources E.g. cross reference Linkages and one anothers Syncd conferences, Calendars websites; use media Within & beyond CMC E.g.

South Board, networking/learning Welcome, MfA, members, affiliates. TODOS, BBAtime alongside business. representatives! Section CMC S Executive Board report: SMART Goals CMC S Section Committees:

Common Core Math Circles work-in-progress Equity: Social Justice/Equity targeted recruitment of conference speakers Awards and Scholarships -Category A-D Scholarships -Susie Hakansson Award May-Sept nominations CMC S NCTM Update (Section, NCTM Delegate Assembly) CMC S Annual Math Conference Report

2012 Final counts: 2013 Adopted Theme: Common Core Mathematics: Launching the Transformation Proposals: Exhibitor Ad/Sponsorship Rates and Terms

Hot Topics Reminder: 2014 PS Conference NEW DATES: Oct. 24-25 State ComMuniCator Report Social Media: Webmaster, Tools NCTM Update (State, NCTM Delegate Assembly) Outreach & Advocacy: Observers at June,

September Adoption trainings; Framework protocols Communications: Twitter/Facebook sections to have regular entries by Affiliates. To identify point person. Professional Development: Modules coming Expanding Partners [CUE, CLS] {PTA, CABE} CMC S Vehicles (Remember: Vision, Vehicle, Voice?) Sample Vehicles CMC Members

Recommend www.cmc-sout Click on Board Meeting 10 min Think Tanks CONFERENCES: What does support for emerging leaders

look like? How do we expand K-5 participation? SOCIAL MEDIA What communication needs to go out to South members and thru what media? How do we reach more potential members?

HUMAN RESOURCES Many leaders would like to contribute to the professional growth of CMC South members, but have difficulty making weekend meetings. Could we develop other ways for the sharing of expertise

e.g. web-based? 1 ACTION, 1POINT PERSON, 1 OUTCOME CMC S Board Business II Old Business New Business Important Dates:

June: 2014 primary adoption instructional materials reviewer training; June 17th concludes first round of Framework review/input. July August: Final 60-day public comment period on framework September: 2014 primary adoption instructional materials reviewer deliberations October: SBE holds public comment on materials November: SBE takes action on math framework January 2014: IQC makes instructional materials recommendation March 2014: SBE adopts instructional materials (CMC State Outreach and Advocacy Chair)

Motion to Adjourn Lunch!

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