Clawson's Diamond Model of Leadership

Clawson's Diamond Model of Leadership

Clawsons Diamond Model of Leadership Organizational Design (North-South line) Leader Influence Others Strategic Thinking

(Shared Vision EastWest line) Employee Bonding Task Managing Change Organization Key Elements of Leadership

In the Diamond General Model of Leadership, four interconnected elements constitute leadership: Leader. Each leader has unique skills and attributes. Task. The set of tasks facing the organization, as perceived by Leader and Others. Strategic Thinking. Others. The followers, with skills and attributes of their own. Organization. Organizational structure and systems and culture, etc., which can help or hinder the accomplishment of tasks. Leading Ethically

The relationship between leader and followers raises significant ethical questions: Is it one persons right to influence others? Who decides what kinds of influence are acceptable? How do followers view the leaders efforts to influence them? Do we have the right measures for assessing leadership outcomes? Who decides what those measures are? To what extent should we attempt to influence our environment, or let our environment influence us?

VABEs values, assumptions, beliefs, and expectations

Three Levels of Leadership Level One: Visible Behavior Level Two: Conscious Thought Level Three: VABEs See pages 40 and 41 Table 3-3 & 3-4 Four questions that guide my strategic choices. What are the major trends affecting my career today?

What are the issues that my generation will have to deal with? What are my biggest concerns for the future? What will I have to be careful of as my career unfolds? Four questions that guide strategic choices.

What can we do? What might we do? What do we want to do? What do others expect us to do? See page 69 Figure 5-1 Porters Five Forces Model

Charters Mission Statement Vision Statement Values Statement

Strategy Operating Goals and Milestones Leadership How do I build a pyramid?

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