City Council Workshop Draft FY16-18 Strategic Plan

City Council Workshop Draft FY16-18 Strategic Plan

City of Rock Hill Rental Ordinance Pilot Project Expansion April 4, 2019 Neighborhood Analytics Better use internal data we collect to inform our decision making/work programs Test assumptions Looked at: Crime violent, property, drug, financial, other Residential Fires Fire calls medical/fire Foreclosures

Code Enforcement Windshield Survey Flood-prone areas 2 Neighborhood REDI Overview Focus Per Neighborhood PILOT: Catawba Terrace PROPOSED EXPANSION: Sunset Park During each project period a 5 step process will be followed: Community Engagement Program Development

Resource Identification Implementation Evaluation 3 Total Violations by FY16 Neighborhood Catawba Terrace Sunset Park Boyd Hill Hagins Fewell South Central Crawford Road

East Town TOTAL 185 168 164 155 152 108 100 1032

4 Code Enforcement Correlations There are statistical relationships with: Nuisance violations Accessory violations Housing/Boarded violations There are not statistical relationships with: Major exterior violations Minor exterior violations 5

REDI Program Goals OUTREACH & EDUCATION specific to community Understand and Prioritize Concerns Integrate qualitative community data & quantitative data PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT Shaped in response to community specific data and resident input, recognizing the dynamic nature of each neighborhood IDENTIFYING AND TARGETING RESOURCES Streamlining of Services

Neighborhood REDI: A data driven approach 7 Targeting Resources Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Foreclosure Prevention Smoke Alarms Fire Education New Development Rolling in Rock Hill Neighborhood Tool Shed

Community Clean-Up Neighborhood Recreational Activities CDBG & Other Grant Opportunities Crime View Little Free Libraries Bookmobile Crime Watch ???? Streamlining of Services

8 Alliance for Catawba Terrace Early Learning Partnership Safe Kids HDC School District

Rec in a Box Community Organizing Infrastructure Improvement s Rolling in Rock Hill Rental

Regulations REDI Neighborhood Tool Shed 9 Progress by the Numbers 88% property crime decrease from 2017 to 2018 67% violent crime decrease from 2017 to 2018 91% IPMC code violations voluntarily abated 43% decrease in major IPMC violations

Rental Registration and Inspection Update # Rental Units Registrations Received Rental Licenses Upon Inspection New/Remodel License January 2018 302 291

June 2018 303 300 40 21 Passed Initial 19 Failed Passed 1st 4 69 37 Passed Initial 32 Failed Passed

1st 6 11 What weve seen 12 13 City of Rock Hill Rental OrdinanceWhy Now? The analytics demonstrated through the R.E.D.I initiative shows this is the time for solutions to resolve bigger picture

issues that entwine our communities when our best efforts are not sufficient. Providing quality communities requires an all in effort. The first step is to ensure that our rentals are being maintained in a safe and habitable condition and not allowed to pose a threat or nuisance to the community. 14 Pilot Expansion Benefits Improve quality of life and safety for renters who need affordable housing. Stop substandard rentals.

Encourage rehab projects as good investment instead of a risk due to Comparable Market Analysis. Demonstrating an intolerance for criminal and nuisance behaviors by holding owners accountable for their properties. Discourage out of state investors who would prefer to be out of pocket by requiring a Responsible Agent. 15 City of Rock Hill Rental Ordinance Process 4 BASIC REQUIREMENTS

Registration License Responsible Agent Inspections 16 REGISTRATION Cayenta and GIS combined are not sufficient programs for providing current contact information for owners.

Registering current owner Statement of personal knowledge that the property is fit for occupancy Acknowledgement of required inspections Required to lawfully establish a rental unit for occupancy. 17 RESIDENTIAL RENTAL LICENSE A license that would be issued to the owner or the designated responsible party establishing the ability to lawfully rent / occupy a residential rental unit.

18 RESPONSIBLE AGENT Having accountability for the property is a must. Having an ordinance that requires a landlord to designate a local responsible agent would be a positive step and would eliminate wasted hours of research. The Agent would have to work or reside within 30 miles of the City center. Accountability Current contact information Local agent for absentee landlords Property Management Companies

19 INSPECTIONS HNS Inspections enforces the International Property Maintenance Code currently and is proactive for exterior and nuisance behaviors. Propose manageable inspections that existing staff would be able to perform Initial Inspection with Registration/license Re-inspection Every 3 Years thereafter 20 The Basics Life Safety Issues Inspectors Checklist

Exterior Roofs & Drainage Openable Windows Doors, Deadbolts Plumbing Facilities and Fixtures Dwelling units Water heating facilities Sanitary drainage systems Interior Structure Interior surfaces (walls) Stairs and walking surfaces Handrails and handguards

Mechanical and Electrical Heat Supply Mechanical appliances Electrical Facilities Pest Elimination Infestation Fire Safety Means of Egress Smoke Alarms Light /Ventilation/Occupancy

Ventilation of habitable spaces 21 Sunset Park 4 residential fires (January June 2018) 83% of code violations (FY2018) are in rental homes 22

23 Proposed Expansion Timeline April 2019 Public Education Consideration of 1st reading May 2019 Consideration of 2nd reading June 2019 Property owner outreach and education

July 2019 Begin implementation 24 25

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