Chemistry of Food - Winona

Chemistry of Food - Winona

Chemistry of Food Fresh baked bread Would you like some butter on it? Or margarine? Or Benecol? Or Smart Balance? Lipids Organic substance

found in living systems that is not soluble in water Fats & oils 95% of lipids in diet are these Steroids Extremely important in cell function, hormones Waxes

Fats solids Oils liquids Lipids and Health Diets that are high in saturated fats are associated with an increased risk of coronary artery disease

Saturated fats Found in animal derived fats Usually solids Butter is a saturated fat, also high in cholesterol cis Unsaturated fats

Naturally occurring unsaturated fat Found in plant derived fats About 30% of our daily calories should be from fat Trans unsaturated fats

Formed from hydrogenation of unsaturated fats This is done to make the fat more solid, ex. Peanut butter TFA associated with increased heart disease Margarines Margarines do not have cholesterol, they are made from plant derived

fatty acids, originally unsaturated To give them solid consistency, they are hydrogenated, resulting in trans fatty acids (TFA) Cant believe has 1g of TFA per 10 g total fat in 1T serving Blue bonnet has 2 g of TFA per 7 g total fat in 1 T serving Health Spreads These spreads are made from unsaturated vegetable oils, no cholesterol, lower saturation

Also do not have trans fatty acids Better for you? Fake fats Olestra (Proctor & Gamble) Replaced glycerol with sucrose, 6 to 8 fatty acids No calories, not digested Removes oil soluble

vitamins & cartenoids Severe gastrointestinal problems Carbohydrates Good or Bad? Carbohydrates Carbohydrates: Hydrates of carbon Have general formula: Cx(H2O)y in which x and

y are whole numbers Carbohydrates consist of: Monosacchadrides Disaccharides Starch

Cellulose Carbohydrates in Diet Typically half the calories in the human diet are made up of carbohydrates The Atkins diet limits the amount of carbohydrates in

your diet Monosaccharides What is the difference between these sugars? They are isomers of one another. Isomer: Same formula but different arrangement

of the connectivity/ geometry of the molecule. Disaccharides These are 2 simple sugars combined together (with elimination of 1 H2O) General formula: C12H22O11

Average daily Western consumption of simple sugars is 170g Density Demonstration Density = Mass/ Volume

The density of water is 1g/mL Why do the two kinds of pop behave differently? Different densities Majority of both pops is composed of water but the added sugar in the sweetened pop increases the density and causes it to sink Carbohydrates & Health Simple sugars are

responsible for dental cavities Simple sugars contribute to obesity Simple sugars are thought to be important in the development of Type II Diabetes Artificial Sweeteners

Relative Sweetness of Different Common Sweeteners 300 300 180 200 100

1 0 sugar aspartame saccharin Saccharin: Not

digested, no caloric value, bitter aftertaste, possible carcinogen, not used as much Aspartame (NutraSweet): Does have caloric value but more sweetness per gram than sucrose

Aspartame Decomposes10% per month at room temperature How is rate affected by temperature? Increased Temp. Increased Rate Cooking rapidly decomposes NutraSweet Polysaccharides

Consist of many sugars bonded together Polymer: A large molecule with a repeating unit Common polysaccharides include: cellulose, glycogen, and starch

Biomolecules Geometry Chirality Chirality = Handedness Molecules that cannot be superimposed on their mirror images are called chiral. Molecules that can be superimposed on their

mirror images are achiral Chirality Which of the following objects is chiral? A table knife, a pencil, a pair of gloves, a shirt that has buttons, a TV set A table knife, a pencil, a pair of gloves, a shirt that has buttons, a TV set

Chirality Enantiomers: Chiral pair of molecules, have same exact formula but are different molecules Racemic: Equal portions of both enantiomers Examples: Aleve, thaliomide, ibuprofin

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