Chapter 3

Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 MAP NORTHWEST COAST 3.2 Region: Northwest Coast (Color the trees) Tribes: Tlingits, Chinooks, Kwakiutls Artifacts: (possible answers)

wood house with cedar totem poles: constructed from local cedar trees waterproof cedar-bark clothing: used plentiful cedar bark for protection against rain cedar and willow fish trap: made from local cedar and willow trees; used to catch CALIFORNIA- INTERMOUNTAIN 3.3

Region: California-Intermountain (Color the trees, mountains, and shells.) Tribes: Shoshones, Paiutes, Miwoks, Pomos Artifacts: (possible answers) cone-shaped redwood home: used the available redwood trees clamshell beads on cord: used clamshells from the ocean as money grass basket decorated with shells, beads, and feathers: used available grass, shells, and feathers

SOUTHWEST 3.4 Region: Southwest (Color the desert, plants, and sun.) Tribes: Apaches Anasazis, Hopis Artifacts: (possible answers)

adobe pueblo apartments: used available clay because trees were scarce woven cotton clothing: cotton was comfortable and cool in hot weather; local plants available to dye cloth. clay pots for storing food: used available clay PLATEAU 3.5

Region: Plateau (Color the river and mountains.) Tribes: Nez Perce, Spokanes, Yakimas Artifacts: (possible answers) underground winter home: built partially underground for protection from the cold; used grass because wood was scarce woven-grass basket hat: made from available grasses tool for digging roots: made from available animal parts and wood; used to dig up camas root . GREAT PLAINS 3.6

Region: Great Plains (Color the plants and buffalo) Tribes: Cheyennes, Pawnees, Comanches, Sioux Artifacts: (possible answers) buffalo-hide tepee: used available buffalo buffalo-hide blanket: used available buffalo buffalo-hide shield: used available buffalo EASTERN WOODLANDS 3.7

Region: Eastern Woodlands (Color the lakes, trees, and deer.) Tribes: Iroquois (Mohawks, Senecas); Algonquins (Mohegans, Delawares) Artifacts: (possible answers) birch-bark summer wigwam: used available birch trees turkey-feather cape: used wild turkeys cedar and birch-bark canoe: made from available trees; light so they could be easily carried from one of the many streams to

another SOUTHWEST 3.8 Region: Southeast (Color the plants and palm tree) Tribes: Creeks, Choctaws, Seminoles Artifacts: (possible answers) palm-leaf chickee built on platform; used palm trees; platform protected home from wet ground; no walls because of hot weather deerskin leggings: from animal hides; gave protection from mosquitoes and saw grass flat bottom dugout canoe: made from trees; used bones and stones as tools; flat bottom for use in shallow swamp waters

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