Chapter 12-Services

Chapter 12-Services

Chapter 12-Services Key Issue 1-Where Did Services Originate Key Issue 1 Occurs in all societies, but more prevalent in MDCs Types of Services Consumer Services-provides services to

customers Retail and Wholesale Services Education Services Health Services Services (continued) Leisure and Hospitality Services Business Services Financial Services-FIRE-financial,

insurance, real estate Professional Services Transportation and Similar Services Public Services Contemporary Rural Settlements Clustered rural settlements-# of families live in close proximity to each other Dispersed rural settlements-farmers living

on individual farms isolated from their neighbors Circular or linear settlements Colonial American Clustered Settlements Enclosure Movement British government changed rural landscape from clustered to dispersed settlements

Key Issue 2 Central place theory-market center for the exchange of goods Hinterland-area surrounding service from which customers are attracted is known as this Range of service-maximum distance people are willing to travel to use a service, for example grocery store, video rentals, but they may be

willing to go farther to go to a little league baseball game or concert Does this make sense to you? Threshold of a service Threshold-what is the minimum number of people needed to support the service Market Area Analysis-what is the profitability of a location, optimal location within a market

Gravity model-predicts optimal location of a service that is directly related to # of people in the area and inversely related to the distance people must travel to access it See page 409-best location in a nonlinear settlement Nesting of services and settlements Diagram page 410

Rank-size rule-largest settlement in largest area (city), 2nd largest city is the size of the largest, 4th largest is size of the largest and so on Primate city-countrys largest city Primate city rule-largest settlement has more than twice as many people as the 2nd ranking settlement (figure 12-9)

Key Issue 3 Ancient world cities Earliest urban settlements-Ur in Mesopotamia Ancient Athens-2500 B.C.-oldest Knossos on island of Crete Ancient Rome Medieval World Cities-figure 12-11

Modern World Cities London, NYC, Tokyo Key Issue 4 CBD-central business district-downtown areas typically High land cost in CBD Skyscrapers-think about Tokyo-cant build out, must build up

Figure 12-19, page 426

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