CH9 The Great Depression Begins

CH9 The Great Depression Begins

CH9 The Great Depression Begins Section 2: Life during the Depression Soup kitchens

People left with no other option. Shantytowns Bailiffs evict nonpaying tenants. Take their belongings and make makeshift shacks on unused land

Shantytowns or Hoovervilles Hobos emerge Hoovervilles/shantytowns

hobos Dust Bowl Midwest farmers had taken out wild grasses that held in moisture, in order to plant wheat

Wheat prices dropfarmers stop planting wheat Massive drought across midwest. Massive fields of dust left. Okies begin migrating West

Radio Family entertainment at night Lone Ranger and Tonto Soap Operas Shown during day when women were

homeadvertised laundry soaphence soap operas Ridiculous plots offered an escape from reality. Depressions influence on Art

Grant Woods American Gothic John Steinbeck Grapes of Wrath, etc etc

William Faulkner The Sound and the Fury American Gothic

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