Ch. 9 Timeline of Events

Ch. 9 Timeline of Events

Ch. 9 Timeline of Events Includes events from chapter 8 The Seven Years War was officially over Britain won the war and New France became a British possession Settlers came over to New France and the

fur trade was already under way 166 3 1670 New France became a Royal Colony 1755 1763

The Northwest Company (NWC) was born 1783 7 Years War Began Ruperts land was claimed (the area of land surrounding the Hudsons Bay) & the Hudsons

At this same time, the French Fur Trade posts were taken over by the Scottish and American These Scottish & American entrepreneu rs came together to The Fur Trading

Business between the HBC, First Nations & Coureurs de Bois Hudsons Bay Company Majority of trading Posts were set up along the Hudsons Bay at the mouths of major Rivers. Why?? Posts were called Factories & were run by a leader known as a Factor- which is where the term Factory

came from. First Nations were eager to trade with the HBC because they had the only trading posts for thousands of square kms The First Nations (FN) The FN controlled the number and quality of furs that they brought to trade so if the HBCs price was not good enough for the FN, they would only trade their inferior furs rather than their fine good quality furs. Beaver was one of the most valuable furs A Made Beaver (MB) was the most valuable this was an adult beaver fur that was of such good quality that they

compared it to other furs to determine their worth Pricing of the Goods $$$ The directors of the HBC lived in London therefore, they did not have much knowledge about the conditions in Ruperts Land Communication between the directors and the Factors was difficult because of this, the Directors gave authority to the Factors who ran the HBC Factories, so the Factors could make decisions about the fur trade Prices (for goods in the fur trade) were initially set by the

Directors in London however, since they were never around for the actual trading deals the Factors often modified those prices based on their knowledge of the goods actual worth in Canada. Coureurs de Bois (CdB) These were the European independent traders of the fur business. They were sneaky traders

who paid fees and bribes to bend the rules about trading behind the large companies backs The CdB travelled the waterways through the interior by canoe The CdB went right to the source and traded with the First Nations groups

Summary of the Trading Business: HBC trades with the FN CdB trades with the FN FN trades with both HBC and CdB The Northwest Company After the fall of New France in 1763 Scottish and American capitalists moved to the area and joined to take over the trading posts that the French had already established. They used the French employees to run these posts and keep contact with the Natives. 1783 Northwest Company formed

Read the section The North West Company (pg. 264-265) & answer the following questions: 1. How did the NWC trading methods differ from the HBCs? HBC waited for FN to come to them with furs NWC build posts in the interior and dealt with FN directly the NWC intercepted the furs before they got to the HBC 2. What was the result of NWCs trading methods? Created great tension between the HBC and the NWC The HBC was forced to build posts in the interior NWC failed the competition with the HBC was too great to keep the NWC together Because the HBC took a hit from the competition as well, the two companies decided to merge together in 1812

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