Cells - the basic unit of life

Cells - the basic unit of life

Cell Organelles Eukaryotic Cells Grouping of Cells Category of Cells Prokaryotic Cells Eukaryotic Cells Types of cells in the category

Bacterial Cells *Plant Cells *Animal Cells Nucleus Present No Yes

Organelles present Ribosomes Nucleus, mitochondria, vacuoles, lysosomes, Golgi body, endoplasmic reticulum, chloroplast (plant cells), vesicles

Cell Parts Cells the basic unit of life Organelles - small structures inside a cell with specific functions. Analogy City of Rocklin A) Cell Membrane/Plasma

Membrane Cell membrane 1. Function: Regulates materials entering and exiting the cell. 2. Structure: Two layers of phospholipids, proteins Analogy Rocklin city limits

B) Cytoplasm Cytoplasm 1. Function: All cell contents that lie between the cell membrane and the nucleus. (organelles + cytosol) a. Cytosol = liquid portion/non-organelles. 2. Structure: made up of fluid and organelles except for nucleus Analogy All air, water, life that are in Rocklin, except City Hall

C) Nucleus Nucleus 1. Function: Control Center. Regulates DNA & RNA actions. 2. Structure: membrane bound, contains DNA Analogy City Hall D) Nuclear Envelope Nuclear

Envelope 1. Function: Regulates what enters or exits the nucleus. 2. Structure: Double Layer of Lipids Analogy Walls & Doors of City Hall E) Nucleolus Nucleolus 1. Function: Produces RNA, which are used to

make all proteins. 2. Structure: Inside Nucleus, separate from DNA Analogy The Mayor F) DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA (chromatin) 1. Function: information on how to make proteins. a. Chromatin unorganized DNA (normal state)

b. Chromosomes organized DNA (present before cell division 2. Structure: Made up of nucleotides, locked in the nucleus Analogy The Laws or City Code G) Endoplasmic Reticulum Rough ER Smooth ER

1. Function: Transportation route for proteins. a. Rough ER: has ribosomes b. Smooth ER: no ribosomes 2. Structure: tubes and channels Analogy Roads & Sidewalks H) Ribosomes Ribosomes Free

Ribosomes 1. Function: Makes proteins. 2. Structure: small circular organelles Analogy Restaurants, Factories, Builders. I) Vacuoles & Vesicles Vesicles

1. Function: Storage for water, nutrients or waste. 2. Structure: small membrane-bound organelle. Analogy Grocery stores, water tanks. J) Lysosomes Lysosomes 1. Function: packets of enzymes that break down materials in a cell. 2. Structure: Small membrane-bound

organelles Analogy Recycling center K) Mitochondria Mitochondria 1. Function: Produce energy for the cell site of cellular respiration. The Powerhouse 2. Structure: Double membrane-bound, kidney shaped. Analogy PG&E

L) Golgi Apparatus Golgi Apparatus 1. Function: Packages, labels and ships proteins out of the cell. 2. Structure: Pancake-shaped layered organelle Analogy Post Office

M) Cytoskeleton Microfilaments Microtubules 1. Function: Provide support and structure for the cell. a. Microfilaments b. Microtubules 2. Structure: Tubules

Analogy Wood, cement, steel beams N) Centrioles (Animals Only) Centrioles 1. Function: microtubules that help divide the cell during cell division. Structure: Tubules Analogy Rocklin High School vs. Whitney High School O) Cilia & Flagella

Flagella Flagella Cilia 1. Function: provides movement for the cell or objects moving by the cell. 2. Structure: a. Flagella 1 long fiber b. Cilia many short fibers

Analogy Cars or bicycles. P) Chloroplasts (Plants only) Chloroplasts 1. Function: site of photosynthesis (converting sun and CO2 into sugar). 2. Structure: Membrane bound organelles that contain chlorophyll Analogy Solar Panels

Q) Cell Wall (Plant cells only) Cell Wall 1. Function: Provides support for the cell and the plant. 2. Structure: Made of cellulose Analogy ground, rock wall Cell Parts Analogy Create an analogy (besides the city

analogy) for the cell and its parts Possible ideas: Stadium School Country Restaurant House Mall Waterpark Stadium Example:

Cell membrane: wall of stadium, gates Cytoplasm: everything inside the stadium. Nucleus: the control room for the stadium. Etc

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