Cell Specialization

Cell Specialization

Kingdom Animalia Kingdom Monera The Five Kingdoms of Life Kingdom Protista Kindom Fungi

Kingdom Plantae Unicellular vs. Multicellular All living things are made of cells. UNIcellular Organism What they have in common

MULTIcellular Organism one cell Cell is the basic unit many cells 1. One cell carries out ALL activities.

Carry out life functions 1)Get energy from food 2)reproduce 3)waste removal 1. Different types of cells. 2. Each cell has its own job to do. 3. specialized or differentiated

Cell Specialization/Differentiati Cell Specialization to become special on Cell Differentiation to become different As newly fertilized cell divides from one cell to many, the cells will be assigned a job and become specialized. Cell Specialization

Cells in multicellular organisms are specialized to do different jobs. Over 200 different types of cells in the human body. Type of Cell Function (Job) Muscle Cell Move body parts

Bone Cells Support and Protect Body Nerve Cells Send and Receive Messages Immune Cells Blood Cells Fight Disease Transport materials to cells

What do you notice about all of these human cells? Form and Function The shape of a cell is determined by its job. Different shapes because they have different jobs.

Form and Function Type of Cell Nerve CELL Form (Structure) Function (Job) Form and Function Type of Cell RED BLOOD CELL

Form (Structure) Function (Job) The BIG Ideas 1) Multicellular organisms have many different types of cells. Which have different jobs. 2) Each cell has a different shape because it

has a different job. ( STRUCTURE follows FUNCTION )

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