Carpe Geo, Part Deux - AppGeo

Carpe Geo, Part Deux - AppGeo

Carpe Geo, Part Deux Bill William F. Johnson Carpe Geo Evangelist October 2, 2018 NSGIC Annual Conference

Carpe Diem Ge Carpe Diem o

Taking it to 11 Murphy, K., Guest, C., McKean, M., Shearer, H., Reiner, R., Spinal Tap (Musical group), & Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. (1984). This is spinal tap. Santa Monica, CA: Metro Goldwyn Mayer Home Entertainment. Bills Advice for Success

Old-Fashioned career advice from the outgoing GIS Director William F. Johnson March 19, 2018 9

Take the High Road There is zero satisfaction in telling someone off or having a tantrum. Zero. Youll feel like a bum afterwards and nobody will respect you. When you take the High Road, others will surely admire you for it, even if they dont express anything to you. Youll have a clear conscience.

You will be more easily forgiven for your inevitable mistakes if you show the same respect and kindness to others. Burned bridges may not seem important now, but you may need to cross one of those bridges in the future. 10

Lets think of your career in GIS terms Carpe Geo Overlays on top of the base layers:

Approach to solving problems Political savvy Ability to engage partners

Cat-herding Base Layers:

GIS fundamentals Written and verbal communication Organization Analytics

1. GIO Time Allocation Model GIO Peer Benchmarking, circa 2013

GIO Priorities Emphasis on People skills Platform 8.58%


12.02% Communication Consensus-building Gaining buy-in Leadership

Tech People 49.36% Apps 12.88%

All had tech backgrounds, are drawn to tech Cited as a weakness; detracts from strategic priorities

Policy Range of opinions Not enough attention Data 17.17%

Own the vision Baum, L. F. (1939). The wizard of Oz. Hollywood, Calif.: Metro Goldwyn Mayer. 2. GIO Career Maturity Model

3. GIS Half-Life Model A decay function - the time required for any specified property (radioactivity of a specific isotope) to decrease by half. Which elements of enterprise GIS decay most slowly? (i.e. have the most lasting value): Tech (hardware/software)

Data Partnerships Policies GIO Time Allocation Model

GIO Career Maturity Model Carp Geo e

Solve. Seize. Share. GIS Half-Life Model

Seize. Solve. Share. Thank You Announcement s

T-shirts! Online resources ( Carpe Geo & Parvus Momentum video from 2017 NSGIC Annual Career advice deck

Blog posts Carpe Geo & Parvus Momentum at your conference? Carpe Geo Hotline (Bills cell) 518859-5576 AppGeo is hosting the Hospitality Suite tonight!

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