Cardiorespiratoy Endurance Assessment

Cardiorespiratoy Endurance Assessment

Cardiorespiratory Endurance Chapter 3 Cardiorespiratory Endurance? The ability of the lungs, heart and blood vessels to deliver adequate amounts of oxygen to the cells to meet the demands of physical activity

Anaerobic Exercise Does not require oxygen to produce ATP High intensity for short time Produces Lactic Acid Aerobic Exercise Requires oxygen to

produce ATP Uses large muscles Submaximal intensity Performed for extended time Maximal Oxygen Consumption VO2max Greatest amount of O2 that can be used to make ATP Value varies with

Genetics Gender Training Age Range of Values for VO2max

80 40 20 3.5 Values for VO2max Average college male Untrained 45 ml/kg/min Trained 55 ml/kg/min ( 25% increase)

Average college female Untrained 35 ml/kg/min Trained 45 ml/kg/min Elite male distance runner 75 ml/kg/min 60 year-old male 25 ml/kg/min Determining VO2max Laboratory Methods (direct measurement) Field Methods (estimation or prediction)

Walking test Jogging test Bicycling test Bench Stepping test Cardiac Output = HR x SV Cardiorespiratory exercise increases

Maximal cardiac output Maximal stroke volume Cardiorespiratory exercise decreases Resting heart rate Submaximal heart rate Cardiorespiratory exercise does not affect maximal heart rate. Maximal Heart Rate

220 Age, S.E.E. = 10-12 beats/min Has no relationship to fitness Produces obligatory reduction in aerobic fitness as you age Max CO = Max HR x Max SV Health Benefits of CR Exercise

Decreased risk of dying prematurely Decreased risk of dying from heart disease Decreased risk of developing diabetes Controls high blood pressure Decreased risk of osteoporosis Increases immune function

Helps control weight Promotes psychological well-being Fitness Benefits of CR Exercise Increase in VO2max Able to exercise at higher intensity for longer periods Feel more comfortable at any level of submaximal exercise Burn a higher percentage of calories as fat during exercise

Readiness for Exercise Physical readiness Cardiorespiratory limitations Orthopedic limitations Environmental limitations Mental readiness Cardiorespiratory Exercise Rx

Mode Intensity Duration Frequency Total Calories Expended

Mode Uses larger muscles Repetitive submaximal muscular contractions Available Enjoyable Intensity Heart must be overloaded Intensity based on heart rate Heart Rate Reserve Method

Percentage of Maximal Heart Rate Method Intensity based on Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) RPE Intensity 6-20 scale Training zone is 10-15 Must learn to use scale RPE scale

6 7 Extremely light 8 9 Very light 10 11 Light 12 13 Somewhat hard 14 15 Hard (heavy) 16

17 Very hard 18 19 Extremely hard 20 Maximal exertion Duration of CR Exercise 20-60 minutes Benefits are produced by interaction of intensity, duration, and frequency Lower the intensity, longer the duration

Exercise can be broken up into shorter periods Frequency of Exercise 3-5 days per week If 3 days/week, then nonconsecutive days The lower the intensity and duration, the higher the frequency can be At any intensity and duration, more calories are expended with more frequency

Total Calories Expended Minimal goal is 1000 kcals per week More is better for health up to 2000 kcals per week Walk 1 mile = ~75-125 kcals Jog 1 mile = ~50% higher Doesnt seem to matte what the activity is in order to achieve health benefits

Warm-up 510 minutes 180 170 Cardiorespiratory endurance exercise 2060 minutes 90% Training intensity Cool-down

510 minutes Target Heart Rate Zone 160 150 140 130 120 65% Training intensity

110 100 90 80 70 Resting heart rate Start

Stop Type of activity: Cardiorespiratory endurance exercises, such as walking, jogging, biking, swimming, cross-country skiing, and rope skipping Frequency: 35 days per week Intensity: 55/65 90% of maximum heart rate, 40/5085% of heart rate reserve plus resting heart rate, or an RPE rating of about 1217 (Lower intensities5564% of maximum heart Rate and 4049% of heart rate reserveare applicable to people who are quite unfit; for Average individuals, intensities of 7085% of maximum heart rate are appropriate)

Duration: 2060 minutes (One session or multiple sessions lasting 10 or more minutes) 3.5 Shoes and Exercise The more traumatic the exercise, the more important the shoes Shoes are built for specific types of activities All major manufacturers build good shoes

Choose the shoe that fits best Exercise and the Environment Recommendations Drink, Drink, Drink!!! 2-4 quarts per day Water works most of the time Are You Drinking Enough? Weight Change

Urine Color Thirst Avoiding Heat Illness Reduce exercise intensity on first exposures to a heat-stressed environment If you are not sweating, you are going to get into trouble. Exercise Injuries Acute Injuries sprains, strains, fractures

Fractures can only be determined with X-ray R.I.C.E Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) Appears 12-24 hours following exercise Lasts 2-4 days No treatment other than normal stretching Exercise Injuries Overuse Injuries tendonitis, shin splints Treat the symptoms but determine cause

Potential causes are too much exercise too soon, insufficient recovery, shoes, exercise surfaces, anatomical problems Treat with ice, anti-inflammatories, reduced exercise, stretching

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