Captive Insurance Exit & Run-Off Solutions

Captive Insurance Exit & Run-Off Solutions

R&Q COMMERCIAL RISK SERVICES LTD BIBA Commercial Facility Including Flood PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE R&Q CRS | WWW.RQIH.COM | 1 LEARNING OBJECTIVES STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE R&Q CRS LTD Who we are Overview of the BIBA Scheme Review of the products available and the policy benefits that apply Flood The Market Place Our Solution How we model and charge for the flood risk Case Study One Year In Performance of the Scheme

Getting going with us, contact points, TOBA and housekeeping etc R&Q CRS | WWW.RQIH.COM | 2 R&Q CRS - INTRODUCTION STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE R&Q CRS Ltd is a subsidiary of the R&Q group of companies. We are an established and fast growing MGA that caters for UK Commercial Business via Independent Insurance Brokers throughout the country. We differentiate ourselves through exclusive quotations, superior policy wordings and experienced and knowledgeable staff in our four offices, London, Manchester, Birmingham & Bournemouth. 2017 was an excellent year for our business where we say growth of 17% achieved by: The launch of the BIBA Scheme which includes the provision for difficult flood exposures. The opening of our latest office in the South Coast. Continued development and success of the platform We will continue to invest in new technology and most importantly good people to grow our businesses together.

R&Q CRS | WWW.RQIH.COM | 3 R&Q CRS LTD KEY FACTS Opened for Business in September 2010 STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE Team of 19 Insurance Professionals Offices in the City, Manchester, Birmingham & Bournemouth LLOYDS Coverholder and Member of the MGAA Subsidiary of RQIH Plc. Underlying strategy that aligns Niche A rated capacity with our fiercely independent broker base R&Q CRS | WWW.RQIH.COM | 4 R&Q CRS LTD - CORE PRINCIPLES

STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE Support the Independent Intermediary We are not a broker and dont own any brokers Exclusive Quotations Experienced Underwriting Team that makes decisions Niche A Rated Composite or Lloyds Capacity Best of Breed Policy wordings with extensions in cover that offer genuine value Fair and consistent commission structure R&Q CRS | WWW.RQIH.COM | 5 BIBA COMMERCIAL PROPOSITION INCLUDING FLOOD - INTRODUCTION STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE Appointed the as the MGA for the BIBA Commercial proposition including the underwriting of difficult commercial flood business in December 2016. BIBA asked us to put together a suite of products for their membership to cater for their SME and property investor clients but also to cater for risks that are classed as difficult flood exposures.

This could range from risks that have previously flooded or risks that are located in high or perceived high risk flood areas, where obtaining cover from the market has not been possible. The scheme has three specific contracts: 1. Commercial Combined for manufacturing and distribution trades. 2. Package for Retail, Offices & Surgery 3. Property Owners cover for real estate investors Summary of Cover and Policy Wordings can be downloaded from: R&Q CRS LTD | WWW.RQIH.COM | 6 FLOOD AND THE UK INSURANCE MARKET Approximately 300,000 business across the country are at risk of flooding. STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE Now thought that flood is to most likely cause of damage to property. ABI withdrew from the statement of principles to maintain flood cover in 2013. The market is disjointed and inconsistent. Huge investment in flood modelling systems by Insurers.

Reinsurance treaties are being bought on the proviso that flood is not underwritten in high risk areas. Ultimate result is more and more Businesses are going without cover and nobody is prepared to underwrite the exposure. R&Q CRS LTD | WWW.RQIH.COM | 7 FLOOD AND THE UK INSURANCE MARKET STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE National issue Potential to affect lives, communities & infrastructure on mass

Delays in funding due to austerity IPT increase to compensate for increased flood threats? Political factors Brexit Improvements implemented? FOOTER PRESENTATION TITLE | WWW.RQIH.COM | 8 BIBA COMMERCIAL PROPOSITION INCLUDING FLOOD

STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE All business is underwritten by one of teams in either our London, Manchester, Birmingham & Bournemouth offices. The scheme is not flood re and not based on a levy. Quotations will be offered on all covers not just flood. Policyholders benefit from our superior policy wordings that include Cyber (including Crime) as standard, D&O, Embedded breakdown and many other cover extensions that offer genuine value. For trades that fall outside of our underwriting remit we will consider offering flood only terms. Using a propriety flood model supplied by Landmark it enables us to locate and model the exact location of a risk rather than a usual 200m radius. R&Q CRS LTD | WWW.RQIH.COM | 9 FLOOD MODELLING CASE STUDY STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE Flooring Contractors Established 1985

Members of Constructionline & the Contract Flooring Association (CFA) Well run & clean risk Security CCTV, Fire & Intruder Alarm (NACOSS Maintained) Large industrial Estate situated in in a valley - opposite a raised residential road Extreme risk of flood from River Aire denoted on the flood model within 25m Large Flood Claim on 26/12/15 - 141,328 R&Q CRS LTD | WWW.RQIH.COM | 10 FLOOD MODELLING CASE STUDY IDENTIFY SITE STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE | WWW.RQIH.COM | FLOOD MODELLING CASE STUDY STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE IDENTIFY SITE


RMS Return Period (Pluvial) RMS Return Period (River Undefended) RMS Return Period (River Defended) ESI Groundwater Flood Warning Count (Severity 1): Flood Warning Count (Severity 2): Flood Alert Count (Severity 3): Flood Warning Year Count (Severity 1): Flood Warning Year Count (Severity 2): Flood Warning Year Count (Severity 3): Last Flood Warning (Severity 1): Last Flood Warning (Severity 2): Last Flood Alert (Severity 3): EA Historic Events: JBA Canal JBA Dam Burst SEPA Rivers 100y Depth Value Very High 98-99% Extreme >99%

RP100 None RP75 None RP75 None None Moderate 0 4 22 0 2 6 N/A 25/12/2015 22/11/2016 2 False True None

Steadman House, Shipley Usage: Commercial Flooring Contractors Buildings SI: N/A Contents SI: 300,000 Bus Int. SI: 150,000 Min Floor: 1

Claims: Flood Claim 26/12/2015 141,328 | WWW.RQIH.COM | FLOOD MODELLING DETAIL STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE Rather than the usual one set of flood metrics our model provides us with many to fully analyse the potential flood exposure of a property: Surface water flooding Coastal & river flooding Groundwater Flooding Sewer Flooding Return Periods calculated alongside Estimated annual gross loss. The R&Q Underwriter is also provided with details with historic events. Utilising all of the above it provides us with the basis of being able to provide terms. R&Q CRS LTD | WWW.RQIH.COM | 15

UNDERWRITING CONSIDERATIONS (FLOOD) STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE Previous Flooding? Construction of the premises Preventative action taken by you or local government Flood resilience and resistance measures taken Has access to the occupied premises ever been restricted by flooding? Do you have a disaster recovery plan? Business Continuity Plan? Type of risk, stock susceptible to water damage? Electrics / Switch gear are they above ground level Does the client have a basement? Specialist machinery, high value machinery Lead in time in time for replacement of equipment & stock Stillage R&Q CRS LTD | WWW.RQIH.COM | 16 COVER OPTIONS WE WILL CONSIDER STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE

We appreciate that pricing can be an issue on a full value basis, to assist we can consider various cover options: First Loss Large deductible with excess buyback available Loss limit Aggregate limit for the period R&Q CRS LTD | WWW.RQIH.COM | 17 BIBA COMMERCIAL PROPOSITION INCLUDING FLOOD STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE The scheme benefits from security supplied by Lloyds of London (A Rated). Our underwriters will attempt to find a viable solution for you and your client and will take into account any flood resistance and resilience measures that the insured has put in place. Our risk management team can also advise and assist with flood risk improvements. Whilst every effort will be made, we are not obliged to offer terms, as a new scheme to market we will appreciate every BIBA members feedback to shape the scheme so it is profitable and sustainable for everyone.

R&Q CRS LTD | WWW.RQIH.COM | 18 BIBA COMMERCIAL PROPOSITION CONTACT DETAILS STRATEGY I INNOVATION I EXPERTISE James Wheddon Managing Director Tel: 0207 780 5974 [email protected] Liam Smith Underwriting Manager Tel: 0207 780 5853 [email protected] London [email protected] 0207 780 5973 [email protected] 0207 780 5931 [email protected] 0207 780 5942

[email protected] 0207 780 5867 [email protected] 0207 780 5854 Manchester [email protected] 0161 935 8342 [email protected] 0161 935 8063 [email protected] 0161 935 8064 Birmingham [email protected] 0121 726 7480 [email protected] 0121 726 7482 [email protected] 0121 726 7485 [email protected]

0121 726 7481 Bournemouth [email protected] 0120 208 7691 [email protected] 0120 208 7690 R&Q CRS LTD | WWW.RQIH.COM | 19

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