Capitol Area Council - Sid Covington

Capitol Area Council - Sid Covington

Capitol Area Council Boy Scouts of America Philmont 2011 Council Contingent Contingent Advisor: Sid Covington 925-1231 (cell) (575) 376-2281 x1231 (Philmont) [email protected] Scout Advisor: Rick Denison 617-8627 [email protected] Tonight Travel Information Schedule Uniform Packing 626-E Financial Paperwork Registration Youth Protection Contact Information Duty Roster Patches, Duffle Bags, & Maps 2011 Trek Final Meeting 2 Travel Information Austin to Philmont: Departure Date: Saturday, June 25, 6:00 am 626-E Meet 5:00 am at Whole Earth parking lot (Westgate Mall, 4477 S Lamar) FULL Class-A Uniform Busses Depart at 6:00 am REGARDLESS! Lunch in Lubbock Texas Tech University Stangel/Murdough Dining Hall Westgate Mall University of New Mexico Dinner in Las Vegas, NM Highlands (no bathrooms in dining hall) Whole Earth Provision Co. Arrive at the Philmont Welcome Center ~9:30 pm (MDT) Parking Overnight in Tent City or trailLot tents 6:00 Philmont to Austin: ~5:30 Return Date: Friday, July 8, ~10:45 pm Bus 1 Bus 2 Bus 3 Bus 4 Busat 1Welcome Bus 2 atBus 3 check Busout 4 of tent city Packlines Center 5:00 am Pack lines on store side FULL Class-A Uniform Dining hall for continental breakfast at 5:45 am Whole Earth Central

Bealls Depart Philmont ~6:30 am (MDT) Provision Co.Pizza Market Lunch in Amarillo, TX gatti's Dinner in Abilene McMurry University, Mabee Dining Hall Arrive Whole Earth parking lot (Westgate Mall) ~10:30 11:00 pm 2011 Trek Final Meeting Cavender Boots 3 626-E Facts of Contingent Travel u o u y o s y e s e iim t m e t t n m e t e o i n m S t e o Busses bbreak! a i S t p re a a e p ! b e ! k o g b tsto VCRs ! g e n v i e n a u vbbus i h n a e i h n h Air conditioners t i e ,

hhroblleemm, th e W h T b e W Window shades p o h ! r a T o e p s g i ! r a o e a e s N g r i h r e c a e N h r h n Cargo i e c IIfftdoors s h i n t i 1 s i s s i u 1 s s B s i u u Engine problems b n s B o u h b r n c eer o a h d e c a a n e

e d l o a !the r n e s e o It canl get hot on aaad full bus! Particularly on trip home u ! r b s e r u e d i l b e s r h i t e bbuTexas r h us leheat). o t (afternoon f r e o l e f b h i t e l e s h n b h i t t i o s p h n w t s i o t c Everyone drinks/eats on way to Philmont rreesp morecsnacks w a t t . c n

y a o t n . a n y p o n n i c a m e p n than the way home! o i b c m l e l s i o b c u l w l b s i y u w TThheefilly up!! advviissoorr&& b Bathrooms t d n a e t g n n e ti g Bus drivers n breaks we dont! CCoonntitake 2011 Trek Final Meeting 4 626-E Bus Assignments Expedition # 626-E-02 626-E-06 626-E-13 Bus Bus 626-E-16 Leaders Leaders 626-E-03 626-E-04 626-E-07 626-E-08 626-E-05 626-E-09 626-E-11 626-E-14 626-E-01 626-E-10 626-E-12 626-E-15 Unit Troop 30 Troop 31

Crew 454 Contingent Troop 146 Crew 365 Troop 159 Crew 157 Troop 204 Troop 555 Troop 403 Troop 448 Troop 1954 Troop 112 Troop 172 Troop 410 District Bee Cave Bee Cave Bee Cave Council Chisholm Trail Chisholm Trail Chisholm Trail Chisholm Trail Colorado River Thunderbird Thunderbird Thunderbird Sacred Springs Sacred Springs North Shore Armadillo 2011 Trek Final Meeting Contact Tom Lambe* Jim Behrends Glenn Lightsey Carol Swanson Christian Nelson Joe Hollifield Peter Dolan* Tim Dunnahoo Billy Haynes Alan Stevens* Mark Olson Michael Reyes Patty Derrickson Clay Green Brian Talbot Tom Hackett* Bus Number 1 2 3 4 5 General Information Bring books, CD-players, radios, Gameboys, iPods, etc. (with earphones) for bus trips & base camp. Bus Leaders will bring snacks & coolers with drinks (water) & snacks no personal food. Bus Leaders will bring movies to play bus trip 626-E (use good judgment in selecting). Everything must be in duffle bags & backpacks. Will leave your stuff (in your duffle bags) in lockers at Philmont while on trail. Can leave valuables in envelopes in locked vault in Registration (cash, credit cards, key to locker, etc.) 2011 Trek Final Meeting 6 Uniform Wear Class-A Uniform while traveling & for base camp activities (crew photo, meals, chapel services, campfires). Can remove uniform shirt & wear crew tee shirt while bus is moving Class-A when off bus. Applies to all participants youth and adults. Class-A Uniform: 626-E Boy Scout: Venturing Crew:

Tan uniform shirt Green uniform shirt . m . (long or short) r o m f i r Scout belt Crews official pant n o f u i n u d l o d l rr oCrews official socks (with shorts) o Scout long pants o w e n w e n e b -orCrews official belt aann be C C Scout Shorts with Scout socks Will leave in duffle bag in locker while on trail. 2011 Trek Final Meeting 7 Trek Schedule: Day 0 Travel Austin to Philmont CHQTent City and/or trail tents (Saturday, 6/25) Day 1 Camping HQ/Tent City (6/26) 626-E Registration Check-in Medical Re-check Equipment shakedown* Museum tours (optional) Logistics (bring overall & V.V. map) ur Services (food, equipment) o Y t e e M Crew Photo* Ranger Opening Campfire Day 2 Depart CHQ/1st Day on trail (6/27) * may do morning of Day 2 Day 3 2nd Day on trail, first full day (6/28) Ranger Training: Day 4 3rd Day on

trailtechniques , Ranger Departs am (6/29) Hiking Arrival Day (hike betweenCampsite camps, participate setup in programs) Cooking Day 11 Last Full Day on trail (7/6) purification Day 12 ReturnWater to Camping HQ/Tent City (7/7) Return equipment Navigation Registration check-out SHOWERS! Trip to Cimarron Souvenirs Closing Campfire Day 13 Travel Philmont to Austin (Friday, 7/8) 2011 Trek Final Meeting 8 Financial Policies/Information All crews are fully paid. We are within budget! need tototake Adults needfor: takeDrivers Drivers Participants need personalAdults money license or other photo Id license or other photo Id 626-E Snacks at Camping Headquarters (before/after). with withthem themtotothe thebackcountry backcountry totobe totopurchase Souvenirs at Tooth of Time Trading Post. beable able purchase Campers spend an average of $100 at Philmontsfishing trading license! posts. If major fishing license! items such as jackets are desired, more money will be needed. Backcountry (~$20, small bills): Shotgun shooting additional shots Fishing license $1.50 (youth), $9-$40 (adult) Snacks (healthy) Root Beer Fuel $25.00-$30.00 in the $15.00-$20.00 Trip to Cimarron any meals there Cantinas!! 2011 Trek Final Meeting 9 Outstanding Paperwork 626-E Paperwork was due April 15. Scan & e-mail to [email protected] (preferable) If you must send hardcopy: UPS or US Mail to: Sid Covington, LOGISTICS

47 Caballo Rd Cimarron, NM 87714 Paperwork MUST be complete or your crew cant go. 2011 Trek Final Meeting 10 Paperwork Checklist for Crews 626-E Document Source Use at Philmont Contingent Advisor Philmont Crew Roster Multipart form received in March, 2011 with the TREKS-2011 Itinerary book. Not needed if Emergency Contact List fully completed. Turn in original Day 1 Registration check-in. Copy CPR & First Aid Certification cards. From organization teaching the courses. They must be valid though the end of the trek. Show originals Day 1 Registration check-in Copy aalsls!! n i g i r n o i g e i or pptthh e with e e k u e o e Received in March, 2011 the TREKSin original Day 1 Y k lyly.. Turn n Philmont Talent Release You o s e n i o p 2011 Itinerary book. Also available on the Registration check-in. o

s ccopie s d form. e e s n d contingent website. Will not get back. d e SSiid ne used by Philmont ttoNot Emergency Contact List Contingent website: k r o o w k r r e o provides the Contingent p w a r p e r p u a o p y r Advisor with emergency e rr information. u o TTaakke you y n u i o u contact y hhyyoou in t i w t t n i o w t 2010 - MUSTBUSE THE in original Day 1 .Turn hhilim r Philmont Health and PPDistributed e moinnFall,HEALTH lANNUAL d . n i r e d r FULL

& MEDICAL Medical Will be n ooA,rB,BC,i& D). returnedre-check. s i v Medical Record form. d s A i v w RECORD FORM (PARTS a check-out Day d CCrreew A 12. Medical Insurance Card Make copy, staple to Health & Medical Record form. If family has no insurance, attach a note indicating this and mark the appropriate place on the Health & Medical Record form. 2011 Trek Final Meeting Turn in with Health & Medical Record form during Day 1 Medical recheck. Will be returned a check-out Day 12. Copy Original or Copy Copy (Part A, Part B, & Part C only) Copy 11 Crew Advisor Responsibility: 626-E All participants (youth and adult) must be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America. uurr primary registration in All adults (18Th oriissolder) iiss yyoowith yy d o b h d o T o N !! Nob y t i a Boy Scoutotroop or team l i y t b i i l nssibi o seeee tthhee rreessppon tt s and k

o s a k l s l i w ll a i w . All adults (21 or older) primary registration in ccaarrddss.with a Venturing Crew rotteeccttiioonn ccaann PPro aa i h v t u i e h v o n t i Y --lline Ymust ou be: n o n n o e k n .. e ke leaders t i s taaadult bbee tas e t b i Registered e w bs e l i w c l n i u c CCooun Current (2 years) in Youth Protection 2011 Trek Final Meeting 12 Contact Information Parent/Family Information Letter 626-E Each advisor should make copies for crewmembers families s i h i T h T s s

i s n i o i n t o i aat m r m o r f iin nfo e h e t h n t o n Phone numbers: o t n t e n g e n i g Sid Covington: t n i n t o n C o n C 925-1231 an i n Cell: (512) d i d n e a t i e s t i Philmont: b (575) 376-2281 x1231 Logistics s e b w e w w e w r Eagle Nest, New Mexico: (575) 377-6820 e C r r C u r o

u y o . y r e . Philmont Switchboard: (575) 376-2281 r d e n d i n b i r b o r s i o dvvis Discusses Uniform while traveling/base camp Includes telephone numbers for emergencies Complete Travel information Information about money, packing, and manners 2011 Trek Final Meeting 13 Duty Roster: 626-E Prepare duty roster before leaving for Philmont. Make copies for all participants (laminate). Website has tool (Excel) & Philmont version. On back of Crew Leader Copy. Crew Decisions: All participants share work equally? Tentmates Skill level Crew Leader? Adults? 2011 Trek Final Meeting 14 Duffle Bags/Council Strips Duffle Bags (count your bags tonight): Have a few bags for sale, $25.00 each Patches: 626-E Have CSPs for sale Have Contingent patches for sale Bring backpack & duffle bag ONLY! Dont bring PPss:bus! CCSSon : anything else Everything fit into tsts ipipaannmust c ti r a p r fo c ti h r c a a 00eeach for p

$$55.0 .0 duffle bag while on trail. Duffle eerrss bag will be stored ooth r fo h c th a e r 0 fo .0 h $$3300.00 eac in locker whileogon trail. : o patc tchheess: LLogo pa cicipipaanntsts ti r a p r fo h rt c a a p e $$55.0 .000 each for eerrss rrooth fo h c th a e 0 fo .0 h 0 c $$110.00 ea 2011 Trek Final Meeting 15 Maps Crew 626-E-01 626-E-02 626-E-03 626-E-04 626-E-05 626-E-06 626-E-07 626-E-08 626-E-09 626-E-10 626-E-11 626-E-12 626-E-13 626-E-14 626-E-15 626-E-16 Only need to take two or ree sets of one topo map set perth person maps on the South il w North you! h it a

tr Advisor Itinerary Country Country Valle Vidal Unit Troop 1954 Patty Derrickson Troop 30 Thomas Lambe Troop 146 James Nelson he nJoe CrewT 365 Hollifield um ber Troop Billy Haynes of204map s eac Troop 31 Jim Behrens h crew Peter emDolan ber Troop 159 m ge ts isTimba Crew 157 Dunnahoo sed Troop Stevens on555the Alan c re w s Troop 112 Michael Frame itinerMark ary . Troop 403 Olson Troop 172 Richard Knight Crew 454 Glenn Lightsey Troop 448 Michael Reyes Troop 410 Tom Hackett Contingent Carol Swanson 626-E g n i r b : s r o s i v d A & ( l l a r e v O e th p Valle Vidal) ma y a D o t u

o y h t i w 1 Logistics Trip Planning! p Do not mark u your maps to 12 9 4 25 11 7 22 26 9 32 13 4 19 19 12 7 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 5 Sets 12 of Known 12 Sister Crews 12 16 Questions? 626-E It will be 5:00 in the morning before you know it! Ill see you at Philmont! Sid 2011 Trek Final Meeting 17

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