CA Sport Values Liturgy updated 2016.ppt

CA Sport Values Liturgy updated 2016.ppt

SPORTS FOR JUSTICE LITURGY Photo credits: Caritas Internationalis

OPENING PRAYER Lighting of Caritas candle. Prayer: God of love and justice, in this year of the Olympics, we ask you for fair play...

between nations between organisers between athletes between judges and referees between faith groups

for those living in poverty or are oppressed for the vulnerable. Help us to play our part and act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with you, our God. AMEN

Why is sport important? Collaboration

Honesty Caritas Australia in Brazil Do you remember the values of the World Cup and Olympics? Especially

the value about putting human beings first? When Caritas went to Brazil for Project Compassion 2014, Maristely talked to us about the negative impact

of the countrys preparations for hosting the World Cup and Olympics. Listen to her story. WATCH: Maristelys story


Speak up Listen to this song Hidden Ones performed by Australian musician Missy Higgins:

Closing liturgy Reader 1: We gather in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In the stillness of this day, let us pause to reflect on all we have heard today........pause.

Loving God, thank you for people all around the world who are working hard to build peace. Let us remember to act in friendship with others and be respectful and honest. Help us to work in solidarity with our sisters and brothers around the world to build a peaceful and fair world.

Closing liturgy Reader 2: As we celebrate the Olympics, let us reflect on how we will ensure that our light will not be hidden, but will shine brightly.

We will now bring forward our symbols of Caritas and sporting values. Reader 3: We offer our symbol of peace... All: We pray for peace among and within all nations.

Closing liturgy Reader 4: We offer our symbol of equality.... All: We pray that our sisters and brothers will be able to participate in the life of their communities. Reader 5: We offer our symbol of solidarity

All: We pray that we will be courageous enough to walk in the footsteps of others. Closing liturgy Reader 6: We offer our symbol of courage

All: We pray that we will be inspired by the example of modern day prophets such as Oscar Romero in El Salvador, who inspired his people and gave his life for them. Reader 7: We offer our symbol of excellence All: We pray that we will all be excellent in the way we treat

each other in our school communities, our nation and in our world. Closing liturgy Reader 8: We offer this Olympic flame as a symbol of all

the values that we have reflected upon today. Reader 9: We offer this candle as a symbol of the work of Caritas around the world. Fill our hearts with compassion and love as we continue to walk with the poorest of the poor.

Closing liturgy Please stand and say all together: Lord Jesus, teach us to play and cheer, not only to win, but to enjoy sport and help others to enjoy it.

May our competitive spirit not hurt others, but bring out the best in us all. Whatever the outcome is, may we be humble winners and good losers. AMEN

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