Business Technology Management - Chitu Okoli

Business Technology Management - Chitu Okoli

Business Technology Management To succeed in a competitive marketplace What is Business Technology Management? The program combines in-demand technical computer skills with practical business knowledge to solve unique business issues. BTM Unleashed Addresses business needs or opportunities using Information Technology

Supports and improves business processes Gathers, processes, stores and presents vital information to the right people at the right time CCICT The Canadian Coalition for Tomorrows ICT Skills is an industry-led association of employers, universities and industry

organizations, founded by Bell in 2007. CCICTs aim is to ensure that Canadian organizations can hire the information and communications technology (ICT) professionals they need to meet their workforce changing and diverse needs. CCICT Corporate Members Projects, Processes, and Change Technology in Business Business

Technology Personal and Interpersonal Integrative Learning Outcomes BTM Knowledge Areas BTM is NOT Extensive computer programming Computer hardware and electronics Complex computer networking

Future Jobs for You Chief Information Officer Information Systems Manager Information Systems Consultant Systems Analyst

Business Analyst Database Administrator/Analyst Project Manager Webmaster Senior technical executive Business technologist Electronic commerce expert Data security manager Information systems business consultant Entrepreneur

Technical sales person Our BTM graduates work at: Deloitte Aeroplan

Accenture Telus IBM Johnson & Johnson Government of Canada CGI La Senza SAP Kraft

Procter & Gamble Price Waterhouse Coopers Bank of Montreal Air Canada Bombardier Pratt & Whitney Ericson Bell Canada Oracle Dell BTM Co-op Program

Paid work terms in practical professional projects such as designing Web sites, building databases, evaluating information systems, conducting user needs analyses, and building digital libraries. Co-op Employers: Bombardier Inc. , Canadian Space Agency Fuller Landau, Human Resources Development Canada, Imperial Tobacco Ltd., Industry Canada, KPMG, LOreal Canada, Merck Frosst, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Price-Waterhouse, Raymond, Chabot, Martin & Pare, Standard Life, Toronto Dominion Skills you will develop

Identifying business tasks and their informational needs Critical thinking Ability to integrate Information Systems concepts Project management skills Interpersonal skills BTM Course Structure Business Technology Management

BTM 380 Application Development BTM 382 Database Management BTM 480 Project Management BTM 481 Information System Analysis BTM 495 Design & Implementation BTM 496 IT Strategy, Management & Sourcing + 2 courses chosen from: BTM 387 E-Business BTM 395 Internet Programming

BTM 430 ERP BTM Certification Canadian Processing Information Society (CIPS) is the accreditation body. Student Certification Requirements: Successful completion of BComm including all BTM courses; 1 year equivalent of related working experience (either through coop work terms, internships, stages, parttime or full-time work) Salary and employment expectations $50,500 average salary after graduation

($32,000-$68,000) 77.8% of the graduates were employed three months after ( / )

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