[Business Communication]

[Business Communication]

Managing Your Company Calibration Program Managing Your Company Calibration Program Tonights Program Managing Your Company Calibration Program calibration (kalabrSH en) Managing Your Company Calibration Program Calibration??? / Caliber??? Managing Your Company Calibration Program Calibration Standards

1960s MIL-STD-45662 (Calibration System Requirements) 1990s ISO 10012 (Requirements for Measurement Processes & Measuring Equipment) 1990s ANSI Z540

(Requirements for the Calibration of Measuring & Test Equipment) 1990s ISO GUIDE 25 (Requirements for the Competence of Calibration & Testing Laboratories) 1990s ISO 17025

(General Requirements for the Competence of Testing & Calibration Laboratories) Managing Your Company Calibration Program Why Calibrate??? Legal Reasons Scrap / Rejects / Lost Customers Good Example to Employees _ _it Happens Changes and Increased Requirements within the Quality Industry Accreditation Specifics that you should be looking for in a Calibration Provider

The Importance of Traceability Definition of terms used in Calibration and what to look for in a Calibration Certificate What you should be providing your Calibration Provider What your Calibration Provider should be Providing you Examples of Equipment Specific Calibration Requirements Hierarchy of the Accreditation Industry ISO/CASCO CPC TIG STAR

WG Committee on Conformity Assessment Chairmans Policy & Coordination Group Technical Interface Group Strategic Alliance & Regulatory Group Working Groups (Experts from the Industry) INTERNATIONAL: ILAC APLAC UKAS EA

NATIONAL (CABs): A2LA NAVLAP LAB ANAB FINALLY Calibration Laboratories like ATI (Accredit CABs to ISO 17011) PJLA (Accredit Companies to ISO 17025)

Accreditation Specifics To Look For 1. Is the Calibration Lab You Use Accredited? 2. Is your Calibration Lab Accredited by an Official Body? 3. Is the Calibration that you are provided Accredited? 10 Commandments of Calibration Lab Selection I. Thou Shalt Tour / Audit Their Facility II.

Thou Shalt Ask Management Questions III. Thou Shalt Ask to See Training Records IV. Thou Shalt Request / Check References V. Thou Shalt Request to See an Organization Chart VI. Thou Shalt Look at Their Published Uncertainties (Error) VII. Thou Shalt Have Lab Define Their Guaranteed Turnaround Time VIII. Thou Shalt Determine if the Lab can also Repair / Replace Gages? IX. Thou Shalt Determine if the Calibration offered is Truly Accredited?

X. Thou Shalt Define How Easy is Certificate Retrieval / Customer Portal? Traceability & Calibration Frequency of Standards Used Calibration Standards Used Need To Be Traceable to NIST Demonstrated Competence / Unbroken Chain Frequency of Calibration Should Be Reasonable Length of Chain of Traceability Should Be Reasonable Terms & What To Look For On A Calibration Certificate

Certificate Number As Found / As Left Readings Are Shown Due Date & Calibration Frequency Coincide Correct Tolerance Is Applied Calibration Standards Used Are Not Out Of Calibration Uncertainty Defined Is Within Your Requirements Procedures That Were Used Are Defined Reported Results (If a Tolerance is known) General Info Errors / Typos (we created A-Trax to eliminate) For ISO 17025 Accredited Calibrations (3 Logos)

Passes Within Uncertainty GAGE PASSES GAGE PASSES WITHIN UNCERTAINTY GAGE FAILS What You Should Be Providing Your Calibration Provider A Detailed Gage List Containing the Following Information for Each Gage:

Gage Type Manufacturer Model # Serial # Gage ID # Location of Gage Your Calibration Frequency Your Required Turnaround Time (If gage is going offsite) Your Required Tolerance or Accuracy for PASS/FAIL Your Required Uncertainty for Each Type of Device Define Special Test Points, Instructions or Drawings (If required) Include Accessories When Sending In Gages

Assign a Liaison who will be Available that Day Gage Collection What Your Calibration Provider Should Be Providing You

Accurate / Readable Calibration Certificates & Labels If Calibration is to be ISO 17025 Accredited (3 Logos) AS FOUND / AS LEFT Data Gages Due For Calibration Report Scheduled Dates & Times That Are Met Reasonable Turnaround Times That Are Met Gages Not Found Report Gages Found Out of Tolerance Report Easy to Navigate (24/7) Record Retrieval Exceptional Customer Service Both Before and After

EQUIPMENT SPECIFIC CALIBRATION REQUIREMENTS Calipers (4 Measurements) Measurement Between Surfaces (Parallelism) Hardness Testers / Durometers (Force / Dimensional Direct Measurement) Optical Comparator (X, Y, XY Squareness, Magnification, Protractor) CMMs (ASTM B89 & ISO 10360 80 pages X,Y,Z Linear, Volumetric, Probing Error Minimum)

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