Building a Data Access Solution Using Web Services - ENERGY STAR

Building a Data Access Solution Using Web Services - ENERGY STAR

Building a Data Access Solution Using Web Services ENERGY STAR Data Access Network: Module 5 Agenda Approaches for Building a Web Services Solution Considerations for Vendor Solutions Resources Approaches for Building a Web Services Solution

Common Approaches Observed to Date Utility builds custom solution in-house Utility procures vendor solution Dedicated interface Adapted commercial product Utility Builds Custom System InHouse Options Full-time/corporate IT staff Contract IT resources Utility examples include:

Avista Utilities California IOUs Clark Public Utility District LADWP

Pacific Gas & Electric Puget Sound Energy SMUD Xcel Energy Utility Procures Vendor Solution Vendor Option 1: Dedicated Interface Existing or purpose-built solution that already integrates Portfolio Manager web services, data aggregation, and other key features Typically built and marketed with specific intent of integrating with utility data systems to facilitate customer benchmarking Vendor Option 2: Adapted Commercial Product

Existing commercial product into which data aggregation and web services functionality have been integrated Typically a platform that the utility can use for other, broader purposes (e.g., customer engagement portal; customer data analytics) Vendors That Have Implemented Web Services Solutions For Utilities

Aclara C3IoT Calico Energy Direct Technology FirstFuel ICF Luminetric Schneider Electric Utili

UtilityStudio Find Other Potential Vendors ENERGY STAR tracks service providers that currently exchange data with Portfolio Manager via web services Not all of these providers products are geared towards utilities but this is a good starting place for utilities searching for vendor options

https:// elp/find-energy-star-service-a-0 8 Considerations for Vendor Solutions 9 IT Resources Vendor-led solution may be beneficial when in-house IT staffing is limited, or constrained by other priorities

Pre-existing contractual relationship between utility and vendor may help to expedite project approval Vendor-led solutions will still require internal IT resources to manage the project and integrate with utility systems Project Cost Vendor-led solution may help to reduce up-front costs However, it is important to understand the distribution of costs over time

Development costs Ongoing maintenance costs Licensing fees Throughput charges Ranges of Observed Costs Initial Design and Development (one-time expense) Ongoing Maintenance and Support (annual expense)

$50,000 - $1,000,000 $50,000 - $200,000 12 Ability to Customize Solution In-house solution likely to allow the most customization to utility and customer needs Customization of vendor solutions may differ based on the nature of the product that they are leveraging E.g., underlying data structures

Comparing Options In-house Development Vendor-led Development IT Resources Requires dedicated staff or contractor resources

May be useful if there are IT staff limitations at utility Timing of Costs Could incur larger upfront cost Need to account for ongoing maintenance

and system upkeep Could result in lower up-front costs May incur higher ongoing costs (licensing fees, throughput charges) Customization

Opportunity to build a custom solution to meet utility and customer needs Opportunities for

customization may be limited based on functionality of existing product Before Engaging Vendors Utilities should be prepared to provide direction on the following issues: Provision of aggregate, whole-building data

Use of an aggregation threshold Requirements for customer authorization Responsibility for meter-to-building mapping Plans to capture and use benchmarking metrics Key Vendor Capabilities Demonstrate understanding of key design considerations, including:

Whole-building data aggregation Meter-to-building mapping Calendarization Portfolio Manager web services Key Use Cases for Vendors to Consider Understand the range of potential customer use cases The Newcomer: has never benchmarked building(s) in Portfolio Manager The Traditionalist: has benchmarked building(s) manually in Portfolio Manager The Connected: has used another provider in the past to

benchmark building(s) via web services Additional Resources 18 For Further Exploration ENERGY STAR Most Active List: Service Providers That Exchange Data with Portfolio M anager via Web Services Better Buildings Energy Data Accelerator: Best Practices for Providing Whole-Building Data: A Gu ide for Utilities

(see Appendix B: Sample Vendor Questions) 19 Thank you! If you have any questions, comments, or other feedback on the contents of this module, please email: [email protected] 20

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