Bristol-Myers Squibb:Compound for the Treatment of Hepatitis C

Bristol-Myers Squibb:Compound for the Treatment of Hepatitis C

Bristol-Myers Squibb:Compound for the Treatment of Hepatitis C Danielle Adams, Paige Brown, Andreas Buehlmann, Cristina Chiacchiero, Brittany Jewett, Jovanna Manzari, Lauren McTigue ChE 345 Process Control, Modeling, & Simulation Professor Podkolzin Tuesday, May 2, 2017 Presentation Outline

Introduction to Project Control Objectives Relevant Variables Process Description and Diagram Process Simulation Control Strategy Safety Measures

Conclusion Introduction to the Project Patent US9556162B2 issued for the process of synthesising a compound for the treatment of hepatitis C One strand of HCV RNA genome consists of 9500 nucleotides and encodes one polyprotein consisting of 3000 amino acid In cells affected by HCV this polyprotein is cleaved at

multiple sites to produce structural and non-structural (NS) proteins This invention provides technical advantages as well as pharmaceutical advantages with regard to mechanisms of action, binding, inhibition efficiency, target selectivity, solubility, safety profiles, or bio-availability Control Objectives 1. Gently heat the initial mixture to 40 degrees Celsius and keep the temperature constant for 12 hours

2. Cool the mixture to 0 degrees Celsius with the addition of HCl Variables Control Variables Temperature of the initial mixture

Final temperature of the mixture after cooling Manipulated Variables Flow rate of steam used to heat the mixture Flow rate of water used to cool the mixture Disturbance Variable Change in surrounding air temperature due to human error Process Outline Description and Diagram Control Strategies

Temperature sensor Thermocouple PID Controller Feedback control Steam Valve Fail close

Water Valve Fail open Process Simulation Model Process Simulation Output Disturbance: Worker leaves door open during heavy snowstorm which causes

the mixture to cool down Safety Measures Lab Scale Safety Proper PPE Manufacturing Scale Safety Proper PPE Steam Heated Tank Safety Following lab safety Feedback Loop for automatic

practices temperature adjustments Safe storage of Operator Input restrictions chemicals and Temperature alarms to indicate glassware feedback loop errors Fail Open and Fail Close Valves Emergency Stop Button Sends Valves to the indicated failure settings

Conclusion Key Takeaways Gained understanding of specific control strategies Feedback vs Feedforward Fail close vs Fail open New knowledge about relevant safety measures Exposure to Patents Experience working with a large team

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