Bringing Your 'A' Game to SAM! - National SAM Innovation ...

Bringing Your 'A' Game to SAM! - National SAM Innovation ...

Bringing Your A Game to SAM! What is your GAMEPLAN when transitioning? Kelly McMillan, Rebecca Sargable & Dawn Stites Hillsborough County Public Schools, Florida No matter when or where, always bring your A game, because

you never know when it will open doors for you. - Simon Sinek Welcome and Introductions Kelly McMillan Principal of Apollo Beach Elementary School, Apollo Beach, Florida Transitioned to an existing SAM school in April 2015 Rebecca Sargable Principal of Collins Elementary School, Riverview, Florida Transitioned to a non-SAM school in April 2015

Dawn Stites Principal of Palm River Elementary School, Tampa, FL Transitioned multiple SAMs over the past 3 years Why is it important to bring your A game? Why is it important to have a gameplan when you transition?

Transition Timeout! Four Corners..choose one! 1 New school with SAM 2 New school without SAM 3 New SAM partner 4 New to SAM process In your corner, PAIR UP Discuss 1 challenge and 1 success you have faced while transitioning Come back together AS A GROUP List your top 3 challenges

List your top 3 successes Personal Transitioning Gameplans Kelly McMillan Transitioned to an existing SAM school, including a secretary that knew how to be a SAM Rebecca Sargable Transitioned to a school that had never heard of the SAM process, hired a new secretary Dawn Stites Transitioned with 3 different SAMs and 3 different APs

Apollo Beach Elementary Challenges Successes Two very different SAM principals First responders taking ownership and responsibility for roles. Communicating role as instructional leader (would be

more explicittook some things for granted because it was an existing SAM school). During the transition, SAM at both schools managed calendar Teachers not used to walk throughs and informal feedback Teachers receiving feedback principal visibility Being in the green at a new school while still managing

responsibilities at former school Collins Elementary School Challenges Successes Extended transition time, balancing both schools on 1 calendar Balancing both schools for 2 months while staying in the green New secretary (SAM) which meant

managing my own calendar Time for buy in, was able to set the stage for 6 weeks Everyone accustomed to managerial style and immediate access Introduced first responders before implementation training Not accustomed to walkthroughs or feedback

Introduced to all staff members during pre-planning 50% turnover which required patience in launching SAM Instructional focus, meaningful feedback and green days Palm River Elementary Challenges Successes

Finding the Right SAM Accomplishing Goals Ensuring that those with Calendar Access use it in partnership with the SAM Partners in Crime Making sure that each SAM understands you Developing the Partnership

Becoming an Instructional Leader vs. Office Manager Being Green At the buzzer.. Revisit Challenges Why is it important to have a game plan so you can bring your A game? So you can focus on whats important.. inspire others, make a difference and STAY IN THE GREEN!

Questions & Answers THANK YOU for joining us today! Contact information: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

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