Bowen Old People's Homes SocietyAnnual General Meeting

Bowen Old People's Homes SocietyAnnual General Meeting

Bowen Old Peoples Homes Society Annual General Meeting 19 OCTOBER 2016 BOWEN OLD PEOPLES HOMES SOCIETY T/A MURROONA GARDENS Elected Board Members 2015 2016 Chairman: Vice-Chairman: Gary Martin Tony Cameron Secretary: Ruth Morton

Treasurer: Ross Meier Directors: Christine Coventry Brian (Barney) Menzies Leanne Born Adrian Tilney Kevin Baxter Jacque Hughes Trudi-Anne Trenow BOWEN OLD PEOPLES HOMES SOCIETY T/A MURROONA GARDENS AGENDA Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 19 October 2016 | 7:30pm | Day Therapy Centre Welcome: Apologies: Minutes of last AGM 21st October 2015 Business Arising from minutes: Chairmans Report: Gary Martin Chief Executive Officer Report: Greg Pollard Treasurers report: Ross Meier Election of Officer Bearers: Chairman Deputy Chairman Secretary Treasurer Board members Appointment of auditor:

General Business: Life membership nomination. Please join us for supper at the conclusion of the meeting. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Bowen Old Peoples Homes Society T/A Murroona Gardens held in the Day Therapy Centre on Wednesday 21 October 2015 Meeting opened at 7:35 pm The meeting was opened by Chairman, Gary Martin who welcomed all for attending. Welcomes members to provide feedback and discussion. Present: Gary Martin, Tony Cameron, Ruth Morton, Adrian Tilney, Kevin Baxter, Kim Whiteside, Donna Rossiter, Leanne Born, Brian Menzies, Ross Meier, Christine Coventry, Shelley Tait, Jack Webster, Daryl Tuttle, Marion Tuttle, Sheryl Maltby, Stephen Darwen and Sue Tapp. Apologies: Greg Pollard, Pat Tracey, Jacque Hughes, Eric Neale, Toy Cook, Trudi-Ann Trenow and Beryl Adcock. Minutes of the Previous AGM: Moved by Daryl Tuttle. Seconded by Ross Meier. All in

Favour. There was no business arising from the minutes. The Chairman presented his report. During the report Gary invites members to view the Large Business of the Year Award. Level of detail from Assessors during Accreditation Audit very thorough. George Christensen visiting Murroona Gardens on Tues 27.10.15 for briefing on project; offering support to Grant Application and extra bed licences. Dale Last visiting Murroona Gardens on Fri 23.10.15 for briefing on project. Volunteer luncheon held for continuing support to Murroona Gardens. Gary acknowledges and congratulates Donna Rossiters services offered to Murroona Gardens, advising Donna will not seek re-election at this AGM. Gary mentions re-development program. Landscape Plan and Elevations discussed. Cheryl Maltby mentioned the design is now one level as opposed to previous discussion re: two levels. Gary mentioned expense is one reason, also flooding factors taken into consideration. Final structural building design not completed, however a shelter will be in place for the Residents of Murroona Gardens re: natural disasters as per Disaster Management Plan. Evacuation centre in Bowen is not open for Residents from Murroona Gardens. The Chairman presented Business Manager Greg Pollards report. Treasurer Ross Meier presented his report.

Chairman, Business Manager and Treasurer Reports: Moved by Marion Tuttle. Seconded Jack Webster. All in favour. There was no business arising from the reports. ELECTION OF OFFICE BEARERS: Gary acknowledges the continued support of Stephen Darwin and Sue Tapp. Chair was then vacated by Gary Martin. Stephen Darwen was invited to chair the meeting, supported by Sue Tapp as independent scrutineers. Stephen Darwen congratulates on another wonderful year and the Board of 2015/2016 for an exciting year for Bowen. Chairman: Nominee is Gary Martin. Nominated by Ross Meier. Seconded by Donna Rossiter. There being no other nominations, Gary Martin was declared Chairman for 2015 / 2016. Deputy Chairman: Nominee is Tony Cameron. Nominated by Gary Martin. Seconded by Adrian Tilney. There being no other nominations, Tony Cameron was declared as Deputy

Chairman for 2015 / 2016. Secretary: Nominee is Ruth Morton. Nominated by Brian Menzies. Seconded by Adrian Tilney. There being no other nominations, Ruth Morton was declared as Secretary for 2015 / 2016. Treasurer: Nominee is Ross Meier. Nominated by Donna Rossiter. Seconded by Jacqueline Hughes. The Chair called for nominations for the position of Board Directors. The following nominations were received: NOMINEE NOMINATED SECONDED

1 Christine Coventry Gary Martin Leanne Born 2 Brian Menzies Adrian Tilney Kevin Baxter 3 Leanne Born

Greg Pollard Donna Rossiter 4 Adrian Tilney Brian Menzies Kevin Baxter 5 Kevin Baxter Brian Menzies

Adrian Tilney 6 Jacqueline Hughes Ross Meier Donna Rossiter 7 Trudi-Ann Trenow Ross Meier Barney Menzies There being no other nominations, all positions were declared filled for 2015/2016.

Gary thanked Stephen Darwen. APPOINTMENT OF AUDITOR FOR 2015 / 2016 FINANCIAL YEAR: Auditor Hugh Richardson. Nominated and moved by Ross Meier. Seconded by Gary Martin. All in favour. GENERAL BUSINESS: Cheryl Maltby mentioned having a full time physiotherapist at Murroona Gardens. PA to email note to Kim, Greg and Gary. Gary Martin mentioned discussion from Board Meeting re: how we offer extra services, discussion to continue on in coming months, business plan for new project is to look at additional sources of revenue and additional services to offer to the community. Kevin Baxter mentioned Cunningham Villas are in the same position, suggested to cooperate with Cunningham Villas to achieve these services. CHAIRMAN DECLARED ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING FOR MURROONA GARDENS 2015 CLOSED AT 8:15 PM.

Chairmans Report Annual General Meeting 19th October 2016 Good evening all and on behalf of our Murroona Gardens management Board, may I welcome our members and visitors to our 2016 annual general meeting. Overall the performance of Murroona Gardens this year has been one of improvement across both our clinical and business units. In October 2015, we were awarded a continuation of our 3 year Aged Care accreditation. It is worthy to note the facility achieved excellent results in all of the 88 standards. I commend our staff and management on achieving this excellent result but equally important, it demonstrates the high level of care and attention our residents receive. Murroona Gardens is fortunate to have the continuing support of many volunteers. Entertainment, outings, fundraising, care and spiritual help offered by our volunteers brings together our residents and volunteers in situations which are rewarding to all. We hosted a luncheon this month for our volunteers to extend our appreciation for the support offered. The contribution our volunteers make is significant and I urge any people who wish to be involved in our volunteer program to contact our Administration staff. In October 2015, Murroona Gardens lodged an application to the Federal ACAR rounds for 7 additional bed licences and also for a grant application. This application was unsuccessful,

however following this, we were involved in extensive negotiations with the Federal Agency regarding the transfer of residents from the Hillside Haven facility in Collinsville to Murroona Gardens. This followed the unfortunate demise of the Collinsville facility. These negotiations resulted in Murroona Gardens being awarded an additional 7 bed licences and 1 Community Care package along with $400,000 of funding to allow renovations and upgrades to our Banksia wing. This work is now under construction and is scheduled for completion in December. This is Phase 1 of our building development program which the Board has been working on for the past 3 years. Phase 2 is the construction of the new 32 bed complex on the northern side and tender documentation for this work is expected to be delivered by the end of this month. Phase 3 is the redevelopment of our Wattle Wing and detailed design and documentation will be delivered once the 32 bed complex work has commenced in March 2017. Across all 3 phases, there is 62 weeks of construction time. In February this year, Murroona Gardens lodged an application for funding available through the National Stronger Regions Fund. The application was strongly supported by our Federal Member George Christenson and over the past 8 months we received very positive feedback in the clearest terms and news delivered last week that we were unsuccessful came as a major

disappointment. We are reviewing our capacity to deliver this project in total and have commissioned a consultancy to undertake a financial review along with a review of our 10 year financial model. This development will be a significant commitment for Murroona Gardens and the Board will ensure that we have the financial capacity to deliver the program. Murroona Gardens will submit further applications for funding in the ACAR Aged Care Approval Round which close on the 31/10/2016. At this point, I refer back to my 2015 report where I stated: .early in the 2015 year, we saw a dip in our Commonwealth subsidies income . The Board has a focus on our clinical and business processes and I am pleased to report this has resulted in an improvement of our nett profit for the 2015/16 year of $195,000. Our focus is continuing and this has delivered a further increase of 15% in our 2016/17 year to date commonwealth subsidies income when compared to the previous years period. August 2016 saw the appointment of Megan Murray to the position of Director of Nursing. Megan brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the clinical fields and has been well received by our clinical team. We welcome Megan to Murroona Gardens. This appointment followed the resignation of Kim Whiteside from this position in June. Kim had 7 years of service with Murroona Gardens for which I thank Kim and I wish her the best in her future endeavours.

The 2015/16 year has been challenging and rewarding for our organisation. It is indeed rewarding to all of our staff whose commitment underpins the success of our facility. I must commend the manner in which our staff have united and delivered for our residents and our business. This has been a year where the level of business challenges and opportunities are unprecedented and our Board has always been united in the decisions, which have guided this organisation to the outcomes delivered. In my role as Chairman of the Board of Directors for Murroona Gardens, I am very appreciative of the support and professionalism displayed by my fellow Board members and our senior executive staff. The support offered to the Board and to our organisation by the Murroona Gardens CEO, Mr Greg Pollard is exemplary and I acknowledge and appreciate Gregs commitment of the past year. It has been an honour to serve as Chairman of this Board and I sincerely express my appreciation to my fellow Board members and to our membership for their support. Thanks, Gary Martin Chairman Murroona Gardens 2016. Chief Executive Officer Annual General Meeting 19th October 2016

Thank you for your attendance this evening and for your ongoing support of our Society. The 2015/16 year has been challenging but also a very rewarding one for Murroona Gardens with excellent results achieved in the key area of Accreditation. Our three yearly accreditation was successfully completed in October 2015. A further two unannounced visits were conducted in February and July 2016. A further announced visit was done in June 2016 when we were found to be fully compliant with all aspects of the Commonwealth Home Support Program requirements. All four visits by the Aged Care Quality Agency found us to be fully compliant across all areas which is an excellent outcome and a true reflection of the dedication of our team. The forced closure by administrators of Hillside Haven Aged Care facility in Collinsville in April resulted in enormous pressure and stress on the seven residents and their families. With the assistance of the Department of Health and the families we were able to successfully transition six of the residents to the Hostel and the Nursing Home and one resident to an independent living unit within Rotary Village. All seven residents have settled in well and are enjoying the numerous social activities that are available to them. Whitsunday Regional Council approved our development Application in March 2016. The application involved the reconfiguration of Banksia wing with four additional beds, 32 new single ensuite rooms in a new wing and renovation of our Wattle wing into an administrative

hub containing a caf, consulting rooms, training rooms and an improved front of house area with reception and administration offices. There was three years of planning, consultation and reviews required to reach this critical stage. Work on Stage one which involves the reconfiguration of Banksia wing with three new resident rooms, a new staff room and office, new linen collection area, new hairdressing room and alterations to the toilet area commenced in early October and will be finalised in December. An industry briefing session was held in 31st August to provide an update on stage one of the development to local businesses, contractors and suppliers. Twi-light market event was held in September. We received amazing support from many local growers via donations of vegetables and many local businesses with in-kind donations. Special acknowledgement must be of Belinda Williams, Michelle ORegan and Pam Stackelroth for their support of this event. The function was a great success with $2903.50 raised on the evening. These funds are earmarked for a new outdoor area containing private gardens, seating and walking area adjacent to the Hostel. Negotiations on a new Enterprise Award commenced in September with the Qld Nurses Union, Australian Workers Union and staff representatives. It is important we obtain a fair and balanced result with the EBA which will take us through to June 2019. It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the wonderful support of our volunteers who

willingly donate their time to improve the quality of life of our residents. A luncheon was held on 12th October which was attended by twelve volunteers and six Board members. A sincere thank you is extended to all of the volunteers including the Board members for their unwavering and consistent contribution to Murroona Gardens. The support of the Board and the entire team at Murroona Gardens is appreciated and I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my sincere thanks to all concerned. I look forward to working with the Board, stakeholders, financial members, staff and the residents to ensure another successful year in 2016/2017. Greg Pollard Chief Executive Officer Treasurers Report Annual General Meeting 19th October 2016

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