Boards of Limited Jurisdiction - WNY Catholic Schools

Boards of Limited Jurisdiction - WNY Catholic Schools

Extending our Base of Support BOARDS OF LIMITED JURISDICTION WHATS IN HERE Governance in the Church Board Responsibilities Make-up of the Board Duties of Board Members

Role of pastor/canonical administrator Meetings Committees Other Considerations GOVERNANCE IN THE CHURCH Vatican II principles: Subsidiarity Collegiality History of Catholic schools in the US Evolution of the Governance of Catholic schools the first boards the advisory councils boards of limited jurisdiction

CONSULTATIVE VS. LIMITED JURISDICTION Consultative Non-binding advice Pastor promulgates No/low accountability Limited Jurisdiction

Binding Decisions Self-promulgating High accountability BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES Attend to Mission

Create Policies Strategic Plan Enrollment Management Fiduciary responsibilities/accountability Work w/administrator PR, Recruitment/Retention, Communication IMPERMISSIBLE AREAS Grievances School Administration/day to day Personnel School curriculum

MAKE-UP OF THE BOARD Appointed by Pastor(s), priority to participating pastors Between 5 and 21 Ex-officio: Site Pastor, Lay trustee, Parish Council Member, Parish Finance Member, Principal, Supt. , Chair of the Home-School Assn. Suggested: 20% parents/grandparents

Parishioners, contributing parishes WHO MAY NOT SERVE ON THE BOARD Parish/school employee, spouse, immediate family More than 20% membership made up of parents POTENTIAL BOARD MEMBERS

Persons who understand/subscribe to Catholic education Persons with expertise in specific areas Persons who wish to invest TTT in Catholic school Persons with experience on other boards DUTIES OF BOARD MEMBERS

Term: ex-officio as long as they hold respective position Term: 3 years (renewable twice) Attend board meetings (at least quarterly) Serve on committee(s) Hold confidentiality Participate in action taken by the Board

Pastor oversees Catholic Identity Pastor ensures that budget made in conjunction with finance council; pastor approves budget (with board) Pastor appoints Board members Pastor partakes in principal selection/pastor hires

PASTOR/CANONICAL ADMINISTRATOR Pastor part of principal appraisal Pastor actively promotes the school Pastor invites other pastors, priests to be involved in the school Pastor ensures connection of school to parish(es)

MEETINGS Regular Special: called by Pastor, Chair or 3 members Notice of Meeting (10-day notice)/Annual (50) Quorum: simple majority Action w/o meeting: by all voting members

OFFICERS OF THE BOARD President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer All officers are Board Members Term: one year (or until successor named) COMMITTEES

Executive Budget/Finance/Investment Audit/compliance Education Advancement Facilities Planning/Membership Ad hoc as needed COMMITTEES

At least one Board member Non-Board members Administration consultants Meet at least once/year OTHER: Conflict of Interest Indemnification Insurance Reimbursement

Board self-evaluation Code of ethics

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