Board on Enterprise Planning - American Meteorological Society

Board on Enterprise Planning - American Meteorological Society

Board on Enterprise Planning 2012 Annual Report Chris Strager and Andrea Bleistein Membership Member Position Term Laura Furgione* Christopher Strager/Andrea Bleistein NOAA, NWS Chair 2011-2013,

Co-Chairs 2012-2016 John Egentowich DOD, AFW 2012 Tom Paylor RenaissanceRe Corporation 2012 Don Winter CSC

2013 David Green NOAA, NWS 2013** Bruce Bailey AWS Truepower 2013** Bruce Jones Midland Radio

2013 George Smith Riverside 2014** Ana Barros Duke University 2014** John Schneider NOAA, OAR

2015 Wendy Thomas AMS 2015 * Laura Furgiones term was completed by Strager/Bleistein. ** These members serve as co-chairs of an APT and have agreed to serve on the Board until the APT has been finalized. Primary Activities in 2012 Two active annual partnership topics committees: 1) Offshore Wind 2) Integrated Water Resources Two new standard APTs were accepted after the 2012 Annual

AMS Meeting in New Orleans: 1) Solar Energy Forecasting 2) Ecological Forecasting Member interest in topic of Research and Operations for Human Health (not an APT) APT Committee on Offshore Wind Co-chaired by Bruce Bailey and David Green On December 11, 2012: Chairs released draft report on Metocean Issues for Offshore Wind Energy for BEP review Comments were accepted until January 4, 2013 CWCE review in early 2013 APT Committee on Integrated Water Resources Co-chaired by George Smith and Ana Barros

Progress being made in developing report: In August 2012 - outline for chapters was being developed along with a survey on IWR working with representatives from NWS. The subcommittee met in October 2012. APT meeting planned for 2013 Annual Meeting APT Committee on Solar Energy Forecasting Chaired by John Schneider Draft APT team charter has been written for review by the first APT members and still pending review by the AMS BEP Chairs Potential APT members have been identified. Future Timeline: January, 2013: Meeting at AMS annual meeting to review progress and finalize goals and timeline for APT activities. January, 2014: Presentation of final APT report (TBD)

APT Committee on Ecological Forecasting Champions: Paul Sandifer and Juli Trtanj Recent discussions in Dec 2012 among CWCE chair, BEP chairs, and champions has resulted in the proposal to develop an ad hoc committee on Ecosystem Forecasting. Terms of reference/charter in development by champions Research and Operations for Human Health BEP Member: Wendy Thomas Worked on summer 2012 pilot valuation study to assess the benefit or contribution that Earth observations supply to health early-warning systems coordinating with NWS and AMS Aligning efforts with the AMS Board on Environment and Health Potential to have topic for discussion in CWCE related forums (i.e. Summer Meeting; Symposium on Weather and Climate

Enterprise) Planned Activities for 2013 BEP meeting at the AMS Annual Meeting Austin, TX on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 9:30-10:30am in the Hilton Austin - Room 404 Work with CWCE Commissioner regarding proposed restructuring of BEP to be called the Board on Enterprise Strategic Initiatives (BESI) Move forward to streamline exiting APTs into other AMS efforts (i.e. Ecosystem Forecasting) BESI will need to develop new TOR Develop website for BESI Recruiting new members

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