¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!

Bienvenidos ESPAOL 2 R Sra. Gardella Write a list of AT LEAST 3 Spanish-Speaking Countries. Regions of Spanish-Speaking Countries Label the countries where Spanish is the official language. Mxico Repblica Cuba Dominicana

Espaa Puerto Rico 6. Guatemala 7. Honduras 8. El Salvador 9. Nicaragua 10. Costa Rica 11. 12. Panama Venezuela Colombia Ecuador

Per Bolivia Chile Paraguay Uruguay Argentina Guinea Ecuatorial Common Questions Used in Spanish Cmo te llamas? Whats your name?

De dnde eres? Where are you from? Cuntos aos tienes? How old are you? Cmo ests? How are you? Common Phrases Used in

Spanish Me llamo My name is Yo soy I am Tengoaos. Imyears old. Soy de Im from Estoy

bien/mal/as-as. Im well/bad/okay. Subject Pronouns Y o T l Ella Usted Nosotro s

Nosotra s ------------Ellos Ellas Ustedes YO = I Use to talk about yourself T = You (familiar) Use when talking to someone: *your age *your family *you are on a first-name basis with

l = he Use when talking about a male ella = she Use when talking about a female USTED = You (formal) Use when talking to someone: *older than you *you dont know well *you show respect to (Principals, teachers, etc.) Nosotros = we (mixed)

Use when talking about yourself and others all males OR males/females! Nosotras = we (fem.) Use when talking about yourself and others all females! ellos = they (mixed) Use when talking about a group of people males OR males/females ellas = they (fem.) Use when talking about a group of females

ustedes = you (all) Use when talking to more than one person Which subject pronoun would you use to: 1) talk ABOUT them Ellas 2) talk ABOUT them Ellos 3) talk TO them Ustedes

When do we use SER/ ESTAR SER: Characteristics/ expressions of age. material that something is made of. nationality/ origin/ profession time and dates event that is taking place Possession/ relationship. ESTAR: condition location reaction The verb SER/ ESTAR SER: Yo

soy T eres l/ ella/ usted(ud) es estoy ests est Nosotros/as somos estamos Ellos/ellas/ustedes(uds) son estn

EX: Son las cuatro de la tarde. Ella es alta y muy inteligente. Nosotros estamos en clase. T ests muy nervioso. Conjugation of regular -ar verbs Yo -o T

-as l Ella Usted -a Nosotros Nosotras -amos ------------ Ellos Ellas -an Ustedes

Comprar = to buy X Yo compro T compras l Ella Usted compra

Nosotros Nosotrascompramos ------------ Ellos Ellas compran Ustedes Conjugate the following verb in your notebook Cantar to sing

Yo canto T cantas l Ella Usted canta Nosotros Nosotrascantamos

------------ Ellos Ellas cantan Ustedes Important -er/-ir Verbs 1.Beber - to drink 2. Leer - to read 3. Correr - run 4. Asistir - to attend 5. *Salir - to go out 6. * Hacer - to do/ make

7. *Poner - to put/ set 8. *Traer- to bring 9. Recibir - to receive 10. Aprender - to learn 11. *Conocer - to meet 12. Abrir- to open 13. *Ser - to be 14. Decidir - to decide 15. Vivir - to live 16. Escribir - to write

17. * Ir - to go 18. Defender - to defend 19. Deber- to should 20. Tener- to have Conjugation of regular -er & -ir verbs -er & -ir verbs have the same endings, EXCEPT for the nosotros/nosotras form!! -er Verb endings Yo

T o es l Ella e Usted Nosotros Nosotras emos ------Ellos Ellas en Ustedes -ir Verb endings

Yo o T es l Ella e Usted Nosotros Nosotras imos ------Ellos Ellas

en Ustedes Examples Comer = to eat Como Comemos Comes Come ----Comen Escribir = to write Escribo

Escribimos Escribes Escribe ----Escriben Irregular er verbs Poner & Hacer are both irregular ONLY in the yo***Pongo form Ponemos Poner

Hacer Pones = to putPone ***Hago = to do/ Haces make Hace ------Ponen Hacemos ------Hacen

Irregular ir verb Salir is irregular ONLY in the yo form Salir = to go out ***Salgo Salimos Sales Sale

------Salen Los nmeros 11-30 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Once Doce Trece Catorce Quince Diecisis Diecisiete Dieciocho

Diecinueve Veinte 21 Veintiuno 22 Veintidos 23 Veintitres 24 Veinticuatro 25 Veinticinco 26 Veintisis 27 Veintisiete 28 Veintiocho 29 Veintinueve 30 - Treinta CW grade: 50%

of your CW grade will be the computer information sheet. 50% of your grade this paragraph: Write paragraph in Spanish describing yourself, your family and friends. Use physical descriptions, describe personality traits, and mention 3 different activities. Use 4 different verbs from the IMPORTANT ER/IR LISTUnderline them please.

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