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World Regions (United Nations) Things to know 53 independent countries 732 million people 800 ethnic groups Hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth, was 136.4 degrees F., in

Libya in 1922 The Nile is the worlds longest river at a distance of 4,145 miles long Second largest of the Earths continents Africa has an area of 11,798 square miles Africas Natural Resources Gold

Platinum Chromiu m Cobalt Oil Coffee Diamond s If Africa has such an abundance of resources, then why is it so poor? COLONIALISM What is Colonialism?

When a nation controls another territory or people. 1914 Colonial Control Can you think of some examples of colonialism? Why would colonialism not economically benefit Africa? (companies from other countries controlling

the resources) Where were all their resources going? Colonialism in Africa After the slave trade ended major European countries were competing to control land in Africa. They wanted to obtain the valuable resources on the continent.

Europeans took control of their countries and the natives had little or no input. Many abuses of African Natives took place. Why did Europeans want to build colonies? The Berlin Conference European countries divided Africa without ANY input from the African people How do you think this would create conflict?

Many colonies would last until the end of WWII. Lasting Effects of Colonialism Poverty many of the companies that extract valuable resources from Africa are owned by Europeans. For example: DeBeers is the worlds largest producer of diamonds and their largest mines are in South Africa. They are owned by a British family. Conflict many countries borders are the same as the ones the Europeans drew for them. This means they have divided ethnic groups of people.

Land Locked Countries not all countries can trade easily because they have no access to the sea ApartheidA social custom was systemized under law in 1948 in which people were segregated based on racial categories. In 1985, the U.S. and Great Britain imposed economic sanctions. By 1994, the countrys constitution had been rewritten to outlaw any sign of the apartheid system Rwanda1933 The Belgians organize a census and mandate that everyone be issued an identity card classifying them as either Tutsi, Hutu, or Twa. Conflict Diamonds Conflict diamonds are diamonds that originate from areas

controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments, and are used to fund military action in opposition to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the Security Council. This seventeen-year-old lost both hands to rebels machetes. Waterloo camp, Sierra Leone,

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