Baroque & Rococo

Baroque & Rococo

Baroque Baroque 1600 - 1750 Baroque Baroque a French term meaning irregular shaped pearl Originally a derogatory term used for the art works created with inherent strangeness and extravagance Only recently has the term also been used to include the music, which is anything but slightly flawed

What was going on in the world? 1607 - English settle Jamestown 1610 - Galileo confirms the Earth is round 1643-1715 - Louis XIV rules France 1687 - Sir Isaac Newton publishes his Laws of Universal Gravitation 1732- George Washington born 1744-1748 - French & Indian War Origins Until the Baroque period, the Catholic Church was the only religious power in Europe During the Mannerism movement we saw a revolt, against the Catholic Church beginning the Reformation

New rulers wanted a style signifying glory and artists desired to be more expressive Originated in Italy Characteristics Emotion Religious fervor (intense dedication) Realism Drama Strong Light and Shadow Detailed perspective Exploration of form (elaborateness, exaggeration) but in control Virtuosity Complex and ornamented Diagonals

Architecture & Sculpture Inspired by wealth and splendor Rounded arches and domes Carved and painted ceilings Real gold paint St. Peters Cathedral The Catholic Church countered the Reformation and demonstrated its power by building St. Peters Cathedral in Rome, Italy

St. Peters Cathedral St. Peters Cathedral, with its great dome, is considered one of the architectural masterpieces of the Baroque period in Europe Converges to a circular center Strong lines and borders Interestingly directed light rays Berninis David "Bernini criticized Michelangelo for failing to make his figures appear as if made of

flesh, and bragged that stone was 'like pasta' in his handsthat he could fashion marble like wax. And indeed he could. His genius for manipulating the act of perceptionby altering perspective, or highlighting certain details in a rendering, or using materials and techniques to blur the lines between sculpture and paintingallowed Bernini to achieve new levels of authenticity in bringing a scene to life." David 1624 Marble

-Isacoff, Stuart, Temperament, Vintage Books, 2001, p. 23. Artists Many artists of the Baroque Period were accomplished in several art forms such as painting, sculpture, and interior designs of buildings. IMPORTANT ARTISTS Caravaggio Gentileschi Peter Paul Rubens Rembrandt Vermeers Caravaggi o

Murderous, difficult personality perhaps as notorious as famous worked from life directly in oil, no intervening sketching controversial style considered sacrilegious by some used contemporary peasants & common settings for Biblical stories followers called Caravaggisti reputation languished; rehabilitated in 20th-Century The Crucifixion of Saint Peter 1601

Oil on canvas CHIAROSCURO: Italian term meaning light to dark The Calling of St. Matthew Caravaggi o Murderous Story of Matthew, one of Jesus disciples who was a Tax collector The money-focused man was asked to give up his

possessions to follow Jesus path Depicts the moment Matthew realizes he is being called to Jesus service Caravaggios first important The Calling of St. Matthew commission 1600 Two sections: right vertical Oil on canvas rectangle and left horizontal block Christs hand distinguishes the two sections Strong light and shadow creates drama and the feeling of immediacy Diagonal light source

Vivid colour, bold contrast, various texts (soft fur, velvet) Gentileschi Female artist A Caravaggisti Focused on making woman protagonists or equal to men Not typical depiction of women, she made them powerful, rebellious and courageous Judith Slaying Holoferns Judith Slaying Holoferns 1620

Oil on canvas Drunken general of invaded army being brutally decapitated Judith is a powerful woman determined to get revenge Her angle and arm placement depict precision and perfection Onlooking woman is utterly absorbed by the event immensely tangled arms is the focal point Background recedes to darkness Rubens

Emphasize movement, colour and sensuality Mostly religious and mythological subjects Fond of painting full-figured women Rape of the Daughter of Leucippus Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus 1618 Oil on canvas Depicts ravishing, astonishing men Women's excess flesh was a sign

of prosperity Tones used in flesh makes skin look superbly realistic Men, Castor and Pollux although committing a heinous crime, married the girls and they each bore a son It is said viewers can enjoy the triumph of the event because they did the decent thing Thought of himself as one of the most important artists in history Known for seamlessly melding the earthly and

the spiritual Dr. Tulps Anatomy Lesson commissioned piece Painted from life, body of an executed criminal Audiences watches the event Focus on Dr. Tulp by creating a pyramid Counter pyramid of watching figures Body seems to have intrinsic luminosity

Rembrand t Dr. Tulps Anatomy Lesson 1632 Oil on canvas Background recedes into shadow Chiaroscuro Wanted to branch away from static uniformity, we see movement and depth Often depicted women in thought provoking stillness

Girl with a Pearl Earring Believed to be Vermeers eldest Vermeer daughter He reused her facial features in a variety of his works Intimate gaze, mysterious eyes Vivid colouring Turban was a popular prop at the time allowing artists to showcase their skills Turban also depicts international influences Signature ultramarine blue

Unique blend of creamy tones Use of fine brush strokes to display texture Study of a Young Woman 1667 Oil on canvas Rococo 1700 - 1800

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