The Liberal Party By: Simran, Nadia, Chloe, Janaya, and Dora Beliefs of the Liberal party Willing to try new and modern approaches Does not like to use traditional perspectives Emphasizes tolerance Protects peoples increasing rights and freedoms

Maximizes peoples individuality Peacekeeping- harmony with other countries Supports free education and free health care Famous Leaders Sir Wilfrid Laurier (1896-1911) Leader of liberal party at start Helped expand the Confederation

Liberal values were established by Laurier William Lyon Mackenzie King (1921-1948) Dominant political leader Was Prime Minister the longest Famous Leaders Lester B. Pearson (1963-1968) Created medical program/Canadian Pension Plan Approved Maple Leaf Canadian Flag

Pierre Trudeau (1968-1984) Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Advanced more than one language in Canada Joseph Jacques Jean Chretien (1993-2003) Brought back the Liberal Party after bankruptcy Promoted job creation and organization History of the Liberal Party George Brown founded the Liberal Party

Oldest political party in Canada The liberal party was first formed at the start of the Confederation Didnt have much support Alexander Mackenzie formed Liberal government (1873) After MacDonald lost support Liberals have been in power 13 times

History of the Liberal Party The clear grits and parti rouge united in 1861 and created the liberal party of Canada Currently have 184 seats of the 338 Largest increase in seats since Confederation Logos and Visuals The Liberal Party has 3

Logos: the Wordmark the L Logo the URL Logo

Logos and Visuals Landscape 2 Official Photos: Portrait Logos and Visuals And 2 Donor Program

Logos: the Victory Fund the Laurier Club Policies Lower cafeteria prices Better toilet paper Keep immigration the same

Feel as though immigration is well regulated Put more money towards health care Hire more nurses and doctors Cover prescription drugs 4% increase of money towards the military Real Change, Now

savour the flavour, vote for simran. Bibliography Clarkson, Stephen, et al. Liberal Party. The Canadian Encyclopedia, 17 Jan. 2012, Matheson, W.A. Prime Minister of Canada. The Canadian Encyclopedia, 8 Apr. 2009,

Liberal Party of Canada. Liberal Party of Canada, Canada and the First World War . Canadian War Museum , Logos & Graphics. Liberal Party of Canada, Colyer, Jill, et al. Creating Canada a History: 1914 to the Present. W. Ross MacDonald School Resource Services Library, 2016.

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