Balbardie Primary - LT Scotland

Balbardie Primary - LT Scotland

Greg Welsh (HT) Communication with school/home: Newsletters Emails Phone calls Call in to school office Balbardie Blether School Blog or Google Search Balbardie Blether Classes for Next Session Improvements this year A snapshot of life in Balbardie

School Hours Soft start at 8.50am School begins at 8.55am Interval 10.30am Lunchtime 12.15pm p4-7 Lunchtime 12.30pm p1-3 School ends 3.25pm

School uniform Girls Boys Skirt/trousers

Trousers Polo shirt School blouse/tie Polo shirt School shirt/tie

Black or burgundy Black or burgundy sweatshirt sweatshirt

PE Kit Shorts T shirt Gym shoes Playground Break and Lunch Time Fun time

Support Staff and leadership team on duty Activities to play with in the playground Peer Mediators on duty (P6 children) Wet Weather Wellies and a change of footwear On wet days pupils will be supervised in their

class at interval and lunchtime Lunchtime Packed lunches School dinner in our gym hall 3 trays red, blue or green Children order their dinner in the morning You will receive a copy of the menu in your P1

pack this is usually changed around April time Going home safely Bus Car Foot

Bicycle Dont worry! Tidying up at home Dressing him/her self Label everything- 25 sweatshirts all look the same !

Flush the toilet and wash hands- encourage at home Talk to your child about what they have been learning at school The Curriculum CfE Early Level Language & Literacy (including Modern

Languages) Maths & Numeracy Health & Wellbeing (social/emotional/physical) Religious and Moral Education Technologies Social Studies Science

Expressive Arts Early Days in Primary 1 Informal Coffee Morning Wednesday 28th August 2013 at 9am 10am Meet the Teacher evening 4th September 2013 at 6pm

Mrs White P1 Information Packs School Uniform orders Medical Information School dinner ordering Milk ordering Arrangements for visit day 13th June 2013

Arrangements for starting school staggered start Milk Ordered at the end of each term you will get lots of notice from the school office on when

this has to be paid by Orders cannot be taken after this date West Lothian Council Policy Milk kept in fridges in P1/2 area Children get milk at some point during the school day Celebrating

Achievements in Balbardie Primary School Thank you for listening! . Please come down to the P1 classrooms

and collect your packs you will also have the opportunity to see which class your child will be in!

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