Back To School Night Ashley Falls Fifth Grade

Back To School Night Ashley Falls Fifth Grade

Back To School Night Ashley Falls Fourth Grade Welcome Language Arts

Writing Math Social Studies Science Homework & Communication Discipline How You Can Help Field Trips District Absence Policy Next Steps Language Arts Novel Studies Non-fiction Reading Daily independent

reading (in school & home) Grammar Spelling - Test Friday Wordly Wise - Test E/O Thursday Writing Opinion, Narratives, and Explanatory/Informational Mini Lessons that focus on specific writing styles and strategies. Feedback from peers and teacher Writers Notebooks & Chromebooks

Mathematics Problem Solving Based Instruction Instruction will encourage students to communicate their thinking and to reason more abstractly Optional Weekly Sunshine Math (a.k.a. STAR math) Social Studies

Geography Native Americans Explorers Missions Ranchos Pioneers Gold Rush Statehood

Science & Engineering Land Forms Rocks and Minerals Magnetism and Electricity Life Science Ideas and Inventions Engineering activities

*Science Lab with Mr. Miller Expectations & Communication Expectations Independence Homework Policy Homework Calendar Nightly Expectations: Spelling Wordly Wise Math 20 minutes of reading Quality work Done in cursive Consequence for missed

homework Communication Wednesday Folders 4th Grade Website Teacher Email Parent/Teacher Conferences Reminders Sign in & out at office Wear Badges Discipline Positive Reinforcement (Individual/Group) 8 Keys of Excellence

Integrity Failure leads to success Speak with good purpose This is it Commitment Ownership Flexibility Balance How You Can Help...

Make Homework a Top Priority Read With And To Your Child Daily Monitor/Sign Weekly Reading Log Volunteer Follow Student Wellness Policy Donate Items Check the Fourth Grade Web Site for Updates Field Trips IMAX movie (Fall/Winter) Mission San Juan Capistrano (Winter) Rancho Buena Vista Adobe (Spring)

District Absence Policy Board policy/ Administrative Regulation 5113: Absences and Excuses Travel/vacation Absences It is important to note that travel/vacation absences are unexcused absences. In the event that a parent decides to require the child to absent from school for travel purposes, district teachers and the school office need to be notified of the proposed absence five days prior to the first day of the travel absence. The process for completion of missed work due to absence is as follows: 1.The teacher will keep a folder with all assignments to be made up upon the students return. The student will have the same number of days absent to make up the work upon his/her return to school. (If the vacation was ten days; the student will have ten days to complete the makeup work.) 2. During the students absence, a parent can access program information via the teachers website to support work completion. 3. All work completed within the allotted time upon the students return

will be corrected by the teacher. Grades will be given according to the teachers procedures which have been explained during Back to School Night. Next Steps Sign Ups: Volunteer Sign Ups 9/7 at 7:30 in MUR Conferences Dont Miss: Student Desk Write a note to your child Class Wish List

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