Babies Need Mom Mad Not Man Made - BPNI

Babies Need Mom Mad Not Man Made - BPNI

BABIES NEED MOMMADE NOT MANMADE! A presentation by Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India (2012) What do you see ? The Earth - Our Mother - is in crisis! It is a crisis caused by man-made activities that deplete natural resources, and degrade and pollute

the environment with increasing waste and garbage, power stations and danger from nuclear reactors. Over 20 years of evidence has shown how infant formula production, packaging and use are adding to this crisis!' We have a solution to it !

We have a healthy, viable, non-polluting, nonresource intensive, and natural alternative in breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a valuable natural world resource . BUT That is under threat from formula companies. We need to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in every country!

What is affecting breastfeeding ? The constant battle between the Natural and Synthetic choices of infant and young child feeding practices by us . MAN MADE v

s MOM MADE What is Man Made ? Man made is quite a familiar term usually referred to as artificial, industrial or synthetic antonym to which is Natural. What is Mom Made ?

By Mom Made we meant natural source of nourishment like Breast Milk . Nourishment from our every own mother earth like animal milk , fruits , vegetables , cereals , pulses, poultry and diary products and home cooked meals. How Does this affect our infants and children Man Made Vs Mom Made

Man Made /Artificial Food Increases the risk of pneumonia

Increases the risk of newborn infection Increases the risk of diarrhea Expensive on pocket Triggers childhood obesity Mom Made /Natural Food

Lowers the risk of pneumonia Lowers the risk of newborn infection Lowers the risk of

diarrhea Cost effective Prevent Childhood obesity But What are we feeding them nowadays out aggressive media influences ? . Infant Formula in

feeding bottles Aerated Drinks - Burgers Fries And the generation is shaping up like this

\ Some Facts : The World Health Organization recognizes childhood obesity as one of the most serious public health challenges of the21st century.

The problem is global. According to WHO, childhood obesity is steadily making a stronghold in developing and least developed countries, particularly in the urban settings. Globally, in 2010 the number of overweight children under the age of five was estimated to be over 42million. Close to 35 million of these lived in developing countries. Reference:

Social and psychological implications Childhood obesity can cause social, psychological and health problems, and is linked to obesity later in life and poor health outcomes as an adult. What can we do ?

Say No to Man Made Stuff Say Yes to Mom Made Stuff Key Points : Breastfeeding plays a key role not only in infancy but also in shaping the future of the child.

Exposure to infant formula during this vital period may in fact increase chances of obesity later in childhood. Infants fed with formula milk, as against breast milk, have shown higher IGF-I levels. Most infant formulas have a slightly higher energy density and higher protein content than human milk.

A high protein intake in infancy, has been found to enhance the secretion of insulin and IGF-I with a consequent stimulation of cell proliferation, which promotes an accelerated growth and an increased adipose tissue. Inappropriate feeding practices, contributes to both under nutrition as well as over nutrition.

For a healthy futureBabies Need Mom Made Not Man Made !

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