August Martin High School "Where Dreams take Flight"

August Martin High School "Where Dreams take Flight"

Scholar Reflections August Martin High School Where Dreams Take Flight Chronic Absenteeism November 5, 2016 Vision & Mission August Martin High School is a small learning community focused on meeting the individual social, emotional and academic needs of every

scholar. Our staff is invested in creating student-centered learning opportunities focused on student application of 21 st Century skills. We partner with parents, our Community Based Organization and our scholars to advocate for and promote high expectations of achievement through a caring and supportive network. Our aviation and culinary programs allow scholars to explore career interests in an academic setting. August Martins mission is to educate and inspire leadership, compassion and perseverance in every scholar. August Martin High School Core

Values Leadershi p Scholarsh ip Advocacy Perseveranc e

Inquiry Communicatio n Integrity Collaboratio n

Our Reality: Why are scholars chronically absent? Scholars lacked parental / family support Scholars had social and

emotional challenges Scholars were overwhelmed by the lack of credit accumulation Scholars encountered

domestic obstacles The Idea How do we begin to address chronic absenteeism? THE DATA WISE SWOOSH

The Path in the Swoosh The Path in the Swoosh Our Data Source: Attendance Heat Map

Focus Questions How do we build trust between stakeholders? How do we build a community where all stakeholders feel the urgency necessary to propel student achievement?

How do we support our school community in collaboratively giving scholars reasons to come to school while not compromising rigor? Prioritizing Meeting Times & Norms All stakeholders were required at

every meeting: Principal Assistant Principal CBO Director Guidance Counselor Attendance Teacher Community Associate Parent Coordinator Parents (where appropriate) Team Leaders (where

appropriate) Engaging Parents Daily: phone calls home visits letters Invitations into the building for:

Parent meetings with the attendance team Attendance workshops Extended Cabinet Parents cook with their scholars evening Thanksgiving feast Engaging Scholars

Grade Community Gatherings August Martin Bucks Open Gym College Trips Monthly Lunch Advisory PM School School Based Wellness Center Engaging Teachers

Professional development emphasizing advisory curriculum Data chats with Principal Skedula Professional development on using assessment in instruction - all scholars: are contributing to how they are being assessed have a chance to give and

receive feedback from peers have an opportunity to monitor their progress and make revisions based on a variety of feedback throughout the semester Celebrations Scholarship Report English - 76%

Math 82% History 85% Science 84% Gym 87% Music 83% Celebrations Attendance Data September 2015 2016: 73%

Year To Date: 83% Celebrations No Show Data No shows in September 2016: 34 Close of October 2016: 9 Of the 34 no shows: 20 are currently active students after interventions

Scholar Reflections

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