Attitude Begins with an "A"

Attitude Begins with an "A"

Attitude Begins with an A Making the best Of ANY Situation Fish Philosophy Choose your Attitude Make their day

Be there Play Choose Your Attitude You can choose the way you do your work, even if there is not a choice about the work or school itself. Choosing the right attitude for the day should become a daily routine.

It will provide you the energy and faith you need to guide you through the day. So what is the weather going to be like for you today? Think Sunny! Problem Reversal - Activity Jeff Davis is lame!

- Negative List 5 reasons people would say this about this school. (1 min) Make a Change! Take a moment to write 5 things that are positive about Jeff Davis and how you make a difference. State your problem in reverse. Change a

positive statement into a negative one. Figure out what everybody else is not doing. Use the "What If" Compass Change the direction or location of your perspective

Flip-flop results Changing your attitude changes your atmosphere! Make their day! Your positive attitude and sense of play should bring a smile to your face and to the faces of everyone around you.

Remember to include everyone in on the joke. Sharing a smile, a compliment, a thoughtful gesture will make someone's day. They will be thankful and will remember your goodness. Be Present!

Because we can think twice as fast as we can hear, its easy to let our minds wonder during conversations. Be attentive. Listen to others with all your senses and look for clues to understand not only the statements made but the meaning behind them. Ask questions to sum up points to make sure you understand both the facts and meaning.

It takes courage and determination to take action and affect change. But sitting still and doing nothing is costly. Play!!!!!!! You can be professional and be productive have fun. When work seems more like play you will have more interest and energy to

get tasks started and finished. Look for ways to break the tension or to insert a little humor into the day in a positive way. Make it a GREAT day or not! The choice is yours!

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