Assistive Technology Mechelle Merrill ms, crc, cpm State of ...

Assistive Technology Mechelle Merrill ms, crc, cpm State of ...

The Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR) & The Bureau of Services for Persons who are Blind or Visually Impaired (BSBVI) At Work for Disability Inclusion

VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION (BVR & BSBVI) Our mission is to assist in removing barriers for people with disabilities to provide them access to opportunities for quality work and self-sufficiency. Our goal is competitive, integrated employment for people with disabilities that meets the needs of Nevadas employers. 74.3% of people aged 18-64 are employed

40.9% of people with disabilities are employed 2014 data for Nevada) ( Re s p e c t a b i l i t y LOCATIONS/ STAFFING 13 offices statewide Most co-located within JobConnect and One-Stop offices 128 employees statewide 46 Masters Degree Rehabilitation Counselors

statewide and majority are Certified Rehabilitation Counselors (CRC) STAFF/COST Caseloads average about 80 cases Most consumers pay nothing for VR services However, we do apply a needs test which mandates financial participation for income exceeding 250% of the poverty

level ELIGIBILITY The individual has a physical or mental impairment, diagnosed by qualified medical professional The impairment results in a substantial impediment to employment The individual requires VR services to secure employment ELIGIBILITY

The individual can benefit from services, and They are able to legally work in the U.S. If receiving Social Security benefits for disability, presumptive eligibility PROCESS TO RECEIVE SERVICES 1. Orientation 2. Submit application

3. Intake 4. Eligibility Determination made within 60 days 5. Vocational and other Assessments 6. Consumer and Counselor discuss employment goal and create plan to achieve it Individualized Plan for FLOW OF A CASE Eligibilit

y within 60 days Develop and sign Indiv. Plan for Employment (IPE) (90 days) Post Employment if needed Applicatio n and

Intake Assessment of vocational needs Provision of Services Successful Case Closure Ineligible Case Closure

Job Ready Employe d for 90 days SOME CUSTOMARY SERVICES Assessments of job skills & abilities Career Counseling & Guidance Community-Based Assessments & On-The-Job paid training Vocational training, certificate

programs, college education Licenses, tools, equipment, uniforms & supplies for work Orientation & Mobility Training SOME CUSTOMARY SERVICES Assistive Technology for the workplace Physical & and Mental Restoration (ex. physical therapy, cataract surgery, dental, hearing aids, low vision clinic)

Interpreters Job coaches Job Development & Job Retention services BVR and BSBVI Funding At Work for Disability Inclusion EXPENDITURES (IN MILLIONS)

$24 Funded by State General Fund and other non-federal sources of Match to draw federal formula grant funds at about a 4:1 ratio. $22 $20 $3.6 $4.2 $18

$16 $3.7 $14 $18.9 $12 $10 $3.9 $3.4 $12.4

$16.4 $13.8 $14.5 FFY11 FFY12 FFY13 FFY14 FFY15 State Funds Federal Funds Partnerships with Nevada Employers

At Work for Disability Inclusion TOP FIVE INDUSTRY JOBS (FFY15) Sales and Service Workers Food Service Workers Clerical / Administrative Support Stock and Material Movers Health Care / Medical Industry

COLLABORATIVE PRIVATE/PUBLIC PARTNERSHIPS Office Depot/OfficeMax Maxing Out Diversity Starbucks, Carson Valley Roasting Plant and Distribution Center Starbucks Inclusion Academy PepsiCo, Las Vegas Certified Center Pepsi ACT (Achieving Change Together) WORK READINESS TRAINING PROGRAM

Focus on creating career opportunities for people with disabilities while meeting employers unique needs On-site training program 2 to 6 weeks of pre-training; 4 days/week Many candidates have limited or no work experience Nevada among first States to roll out WORK READINESS TRAINING PROGRAM

BVR provides Disability 101 training to Employer BVR funds soft skills instruction - Provided by TMCC, WNC and CSN BVR funds candidates wages during on-thejob training through 3 rd party temporary agency Employer provides the classroom site Employer provides work locations in Nevada, and specific job training and expertise SOFT SKILLS TRAINING

Companys Culture, Vision, Mission, Core Values Communication Enthusiasm & Attitude Teamwork Networking Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Professionalism Conflict Resolution STARBUCKS DISTRIBUTION CENTER

PEPSICO CERTIFIED CENTER DISTRIBUTION CENTER RETAIL CENTER A BETTER BOTTOM LINE VR offers employers access to a large talent pool of qualified individuals with disabilities Cost savings to employers Recruitment and Retention Services Workplace Accessibility

Education and Training on Disability Issues Partnerships/apprenticeships/on-the-job training It makes great business sense to hire folks with disabilities. It can be a smooth and efficient and effective operation, and you have a dedicated, excellent employee within your ranks. - Jennifer McCloskey, Bureau of Reclamation Deputy Regional Dir. A BETTER BOTTOM LINE Partners with disabilities who work in the plant have had the highest attendance and best performance in the building and enhance the work culture. The program has opened a lot of eyes at the Starbucks facility. Supervisors and partners look past disabilities and

realize we all have different abilities in the workplace. - Todd McCullough, Starbucks Senior Operations Manager It makes me feel good to come to a job that supports diversity and inclusion and then seeing the benefits of doing so. - Carlos Lopez Leon, Office Depot Store Manager The potential for someone to be a great associate exists in everyone. - Javier Perez, Office Depot Inbound Supervisor FIELD OFFICES L a s Ve g a s J ob C o n n e c t - 3405 S . M a r y l a n d Pa r k wa y ( 702 ) 486 -0 100 O n e - S to p - 63 30 W. C h a rl e s to n , S t e . 190, L a s Ve g a s ( 70 2) 82 2- 4214

H e n d er s on J o b C on n e c t - 4 500 E . S u n s e t R d . , S t e . 40 ( 70 2) 48 6-0 300 S ou t h e rn M a in O ffi c e - 30 16 W. C h a r le s to n , # 2 00, LV ( 70 2) 486- 5230 N o r th L a s Ve g a s J o b C o n n e c t - 2 827 L a s Ve g a s Bl v d . N . ( 70 2) 48 60 200 C a r s o n C it y J ob C o n n e c t - 1933 N o r th C a r s o n S tree t - ( 775) 684 -04 00 N o r th e rn M a i n Offi c e - 1 325 C o rp or a te Bl v d . , Re n o - ( 775) 823 -810 0 Fa ll on J o b C o n n e c t - 1 21 I n d u s tr i a l Wa y - ( 775) 423- 65 68 E ly J o b Co n n ec t - 15 00 Av e. F , S u i te 1 - ( 77 5) 289- 1675 E lko J o b C o n n e c t - 1 72 - 6 t h S t. - ( 775) 753 -19 31 Wi n n e m u c c a J o b C on n e c t - 475 W. H a s ke ll S t ., S u it e 2 - ( 775) 623- 65 44 Re n o J o b C o n n e c t - 40 01 S . Vi rg i n i a S t., S u i te H -1 - ( 775) 28 4-96 00 S p a rk s J o b C o n n e c t 2281 P y r a m i d Wa y - ( 77 5) 28 4- 9520

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube Janice John DETR Rehabilitation Div. Deputy Administrator [email protected] At Work for WWW.VRNEVADA.ORG Disability Inclusion

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