Ashford District Partnership Group Plan Supporting Valuing ...

Ashford District Partnership Group Plan Supporting Valuing ...

Ashford District Partnership Group Supporting Valuing People Now to happen in Kent Mystery Shop on navigating the William Harvey Hospital Why did we want to do this?

Ashford District Partnership Group wanted to find out how easily people with learning disabilities are able to find their way around the William Harvey Hospital. What we did

Michael Lane and Greg Maynard were supported to visit the William Harvey Hospital. They looked at the hospital signs to see how easy it is to find your way around. Michael knew how to get to the Main Entrance of the hospital as he had been

there before, but we did not think it was clearly signposted. Once in the entrance we found a large map showing the colour coded areas of the hospital. We couldnt find where we were standing on the map. This meant we couldnt find a route to take us anywhere else.

We tried for find our way to the following departments: - Accident and Emergency - Paula Carr Diabetic Centre - The Pink Zone (including Dentistry, chiropody, speach and language therapists and physiotherapy)

We found the signs hard to follow. We had to ask for help and were given directions but it was hard to remember it all. What has happened since we did this work We have shared a report about our visit with East Kent

Hospitals Trust. East Kent Hospitals Trust were pleased to hear about our experience because they are starting a project to look at all hospital signs in East Kent Hospitals. All the DPGs in east Kent will be

invited to give views on the new signs. The new signs will be the same in: - The William Harvey Hospital - The Kent and Canterbury Hospital - The QEQM Hospital

What we are looking forward to doing in 2013-14 Understanding Voting Why do we want to do this? Lots of people with learning disabilities dont vote in elections. We want to make sure people

understand - About their right to vote - That it is important to vote - How to vote - What sort of things you should think about when deciding who to vote for. How we will do it

We will support people to Register to vote. We will hold workshops and use different activities to help people understand about voting. We will invite the Candidates for next years General Election to come and talk to us. All DPGs will be doing similar

work about understanding voting. Organisations we have worked with Boots Opticians Community Safety Unit Local Optometric

Committee Community Nursing Learning Disability Carers Team

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