Arizona Game and Fish Department: AIS Program

Arizona Game and Fish Department: AIS Program

Arizona Game and Fish Department: AIS Program Erin Raney Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator Southwest Tribal Fisheries Commission AIS Workshop - July 30-31, 2019 A.R.S. 17-255

Aquatic Invasive Species - Arizona Definition Any aquatic species that is not native to the ecosystem under consideration and whose introduction or presence in this State may cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. This definition does not include: Any nonindigenous species lawfully or historically introduced for sport fishing.

Any species introduced by the department or by another governmental entity Our Vision To halt the spread and eliminate, where possible, aquatic invasive species from becoming further established Background 2007

Quagga mussels found at Lake Mead, Mohave and Havasu Arizona Invasive Species Advisory Council formed 2008 Arizona Invasive Species Management Plan created and approved 2009 New Program was established focusing exclusively on AIS.

AIS Program Regulations Law: A.R.S. 17-255 Rule: R12-4-901 & 902 Directors Orders: 1, 2, 3 A.R.S. 17-255 AZ AIS Interdiction Act 2009

A.R.S. 17-255 Defined Aquatic Invasive Species Established the Aquatic Invasive Species Program Director authorized to make Orders pertaining to AIS Granted certain powers, prohibitions, violations, penalties Owner/Transporter compliance

A.A.C. R12-4-901, 902 Article 9: Aquatic Invasive Species R12-4-901. Definitions R12-4-902. Aquatic Invasive Species; Prohibitions; Inspection, Decontamination Protocols Requires vessels to be Clean, Drain, Dry

Remove all plugs and other valves...and...remain removed or open during transport. Effective: September 15, 2018 Directors Orders DO1 = Establish an AIS List DO2 = Establish an AIS List of Affected Waters DO3 = Establish Mandatory Conditions for

Movement of Watercraft/Equipment from AIS Affected Waters Decontamination Protocols, which include: Clean, Drain, and Dry Directors Order 1 List of AIS Present

Not Present Apple Snail Asian Carp: Bighead , Black, Silver New Zealand Mudsnail Golden Mussel

Quagga Mussel Red Claw Crayfish Didymo, a.k.a. Rock Snot Rusty Crayfish Giant Salvinia

All Snakehead spp Golden Alga Waterflea: Spiny, Fishhook Water Hyacinth Zebra Mussel Hydrilla

Directors Order 2 AIS Affected Waters List Colorado River: Lakes Powell, Mead, Mohave, Havasu, downriver to Mexico Phoenix area: Lakes Pleasant, Apache, Canyon, Saguaro, Roosevelt, Lower Salt River, CAP Some Community Fishing waters

Directors Order 3 Mandatory Conditions of Watercraft/Equipment Movement Day Users: days 5 or less

Clean, Drain, Dry watercraft and equipment Recommend an inspection if cannot meet dry times Long-Term days 6 + consecutive Clean, Drain, Dry watercraft and equipment

AND Inspection and decontamination required Dry time required Other Equipment Cleaning protocols Positive ID of AIS ZQM Veligers Must be positive for all 3 tests in same

sample Cross-polarized microscopy PCR Gene Sequencing ZQM Settlers, Adults and Other AIS Taxonomic identification by two independent experts. DNA analysis may or may not be required. Quagga Mussels Timeline

in AZ 2007-Discovered and infested in Lakes Mead, Mohave, Havasu, Central Arizona Project (CAP) canals and Lake Pleasant. 2013- Lake Powell 2015- First Suspected in Canyon Lake. Then later Apache, Canyon and Saguaro lake were confirmed as infested. 2016- Quagga Mussels were found and infested in Salt River Project canals (SRP) Watercraft Inspection &

Decontamination AZGFD coordinates WID throughout the state. Federal partners, Contractors, and marinas assist with WIDs Arizona uses protocols based on UMPS III. Requirements (See Directors Orders) All vessels leaving listed waters must be cleaned, drained and dried. Any vessel that has been moored in listed waters for 6 or more consecutive days must be

decontaminated and meet dry times. Those performing inspections or decontaminations in Arizona must be AZGFD certified, are subject to recertification and quality control. Types of WIDS in AZ ZQM Containment Waters Waters that have verified presence of zebra or quagga mussels. These waters are also listed in Directors Order 2 Off Water WIDS Authorized locations that are not located at a waterbody

Inspections and Decontaminations are currently by appointment only Boat Interception Western States are intercepting zebra and quagga mussels watercraft more frequently But WHY? More infested waters and boat inspection programs

Hatcheries No zebra or quagga mussels have been found in any AZGFD hatcheries. WHY? AZGFD hatcheries have proactive measures in place to prevent AIS. Use such protocols to protect sportfish and endangered species from disease and pests Helps prevents AIS from spreading into other water bodies

Annual AIS inspections and HACCP Precautionary measures for hatcheries Aquatic Biologists Department policy requires HACCP plans to prevent the spread of AIS to and from sites. Western Regional State Activities

Current Efforts WISCE-Western Invasive species Coordinating effort QZAP- Quagga Zebra Action Plan for western waters West 911- Email and phone alert system to intercept noncompliant boats National Education Campaigns- Clean, Drain, Dry. Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Education and Outreach The MOST important aspect to AIS Each inspection and interaction is an opportunity to educate

boaters and the public Outreach & Education Questions?

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