Anterior Knee Pain Pathway

Anterior Knee Pain Pathway

MSK Sheffield Anterior Knee Pain Pathway MSK PLI 16th March 2016 Joanna Ollerenshaw (Lower Limb ESP, Therapy Services) Helen Wilson (Deputy Clinical Lead, PhysioWorks) Jo Jarvis (Lower Limb Clinical Lead, PhysioWorks) Alan Carroll (Enhanced Role Physiotherapist, PhysioWorks) Paul Sutton (Consultant Orthopaedic knee Surgeon, STH) Simon Till (Rheumatologist and Consultant in sports Medicine, STH) MSK Sheffield Anterior Knee Pain Pathway Why Evidence Based Practice AKP is a common problem which is primarily managed non-surgically To help patients manage their condition effectively To help GPs identify this patient group and manage them appropriately To ensure that once this patient group access care within the MSK

Sheffield services they receive continuity of care Who- MDT PhysioWorks Therapy Services Orthopaedic Surgeon Paul Sutton Rheumatology and Sports Medicine Simon Till MSK Sheffield AKP Pathway secondary care Physiotherapy/ Investigations GP assessment and advice to self-manage using

Many patients self manage AKP without seeking medical or therapeutic intervention MSK Sheffield How does the pathway work in practice? Asking the right questions will allow patients to be worked through the pathway safely and directed to appropriate management. Follow traffic light approach: Red red flags identified. Amber act upon history and physical examination findings and exclude non AKP patients. Green proceed along AKP management pathway. Patient presents to their GP with pain at the front of th e knee, unilateral or bilateral worse

on stairs and or hills ASK FURTHER RELEVANT AKP QUESTIONS Urgent Orthopaedic / rheumatology referral RED FLAG SYMPTOMS Night pain, acute hot, red swollen joint. Examination all patients mu st have a physical examination. See dates of training seminars and instructional webpage on Aches & pains website. Definite joint effusion at physical examination No definite joint effusion. Signs and symptoms suggestive of anterior knee pain e.g. patella femoral joint pain, patella tendinopathy.

INVESTIGATIONS REQUIRED: 1) 2) XRAY - weight bearing , AP, lateral and skyline views . BLOOD TEST - CRP. ABNORMAL XR / BLOODS CONSIDER OTHER PATHOLOGY & ALTERNATIVE MANAGEMENT. ANY ONWARD REFERAL MUST INCLUDE INVESTIGATION RESULTS. NORMAL RESULTS Elevated CRP, inflammatory arthritis suspected, referral to Rheumatology via MSK Sheffield GP management e.g. activity Sheffield / advice & education & access to Aches and Pains website. If patients require additional support please refer to MSK Sheffield

MSK Sheffield What are the right questions to ask when a patient presents with suspected anterior knee pain? Red flags presence of: night pain, acutely hot and or swollen joint. Urgent referral to orthopaedics / rheumatology. Does the patient have anterior knee pain: Pain at the front of the knee, likely to be poorly localised, point to front of the knee. May be unilateral or bilateral. Often an absence of direct trauma helps exclude ligament injuries. Is the pain exacerbated with stairs, hills, squatting, prolonged sitting, kneeling. Giving way patients often say yes but usually after or due to increased pain or fatigue. Not true instability, helping exclude ligament injuries Locking patients often say yes. May report catching and seizing with flexion movements. Not true locking helping exclude mechanical pathology. Change in lifestyle weight change, new or increased sporting activities, new job, new footwear, decreased physical exercise and de-conditioning. Previous history of similar symptoms. High suspicion of anterior knee pain. Check for presence of effusion. MSK Sheffield How to test for an effusion to determine if other investigations are indicated.

MSK Sheffield Initial GP management: Definite joint effusion requires investigation. XR weight bearing AP, lateral & skyline. Blood test CRP. Abnormal XR / bloods consider other pathology & alternative management All results must accompany onward referrals. Elevated CRP refer to rheumatology via an MSK Sheffield referral. Normal results No definite joint effusion, signs and symptoms suggestive of AKP. Advice, education, self

management. Direct patient to Aches & pains website, encourage exercises as indicated, Activity Sheffield/Miracle Cure. 12 weeks of active management. (If patients require additional support please refer to MSK Sheffield) MSK Sheffield MSK Sheffield referral criteria. Have you checked? Has an active and appropriate exercise plan been completed? Can this be described / demonstrated? Have aggravating factors been addressed e.g.

errors in training, footwear? If overweight, have efforts been made to reduce BMI? Is there a report from a recognised therapist suggesting onward referral complying & progressing or struggling & no progression Signs of improvement It is a reasonable clinical decision to continue with supported self management. Referral to MSK Sheffield. Physiotherapy. 6 months active self directed management. Escalate / second opinion if required. Investigations and onward referral to secondary care arranged if necessary. Discharge. Please refer: Patients who have poor health literacy or require additional support to engage with the diagnosis or management plan.

Patients who re-present with ongoing symptoms following failed self management / other therapy for more than 12 weeks MSK Sheffield Referral form Please insert dictated referral letter here: Thank you for seeing this patient who has a four month history of insidious onset right knee pain. The patient describes diffuse pain over the front of the knee. There is no swelling, redness or heat on examination. They report painful giving way and a catching pain on flexing the knee. Working diagnosis: Anterior knee pain. What has been tried for this problem so far? (details of physio, orthotics, analgesia etc and response) Active management for the last3 months they have accessed sheffieldachesandpains, have been attending the gym and have had only minimal benefit from paracetamol. The patient is not progressing with private physiotherapy and self-management. What are your patient's expectations from this referral: Diagnosis (if currently unclear) Treatment An operation Self-Management / Rehabilitation x

Medical MSK Sheffield Triage information Please complete the table below will map to the options on E-referral: Hand & Wrist Shoulder & Elbow x Hip Knee x Orthopaedics Foot & Ankle Spine Surgery Plastics Upper Limb (hands, wrists, elbows only) Pain Management

Rheumatology Sports and Exercise Medicine (within Rheumatology) MSK Sheffield reasonable adjustments (Found in Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal) If there is a named clinician that you would like to be involved, please indicate who and why here: Physiotherapy - Musculoskeletal MSK Sheffield Questions MSK Sheffield Thank you for your feedback

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