Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior

Animal Kingdom General Characteristics of Animals

Eukaryotic Multicellular Heterotrophic NO cell walls! Can move

Animal Behavior What is behavior? Anything an animal does in response to a stimulus. Behaviors are adaptations that help animals

survive better. Types of Behavior The three types of behavior are: 1. Innate behavior 2. Learned behavior 3. Social behavior

Innate Behavior This is behavior you are born with. You are not taught these behaviors. Includes the following Suckling Taxis

Migration Estivation Hibernation Suckling An instinct babies are born with to get food

Taxis Moving toward or away from a stimulus Migration Seasonal movement of animals Estivation

A period of rest for animals during intense heat or drought. Hibernation A deep sleep to conserve energy during periods of cold weather

Learned Behaviors Learned behaviors are established through practice or experience. Learned behaviors include: Habituation Imprinting Classical Conditioning

Trial and Error Habituation When an animal is continually given a stimulus and eventually does not respond to it. Imprinting

When an animal forms an attachment with another animal shortly after birth. Classical Conditioning Learning to relate two unrelated things Trial and Error

When through practice, an animal receives a reward for a correct response. Social Behavior Social behavior taking place between members of the same species. These include the following:

Phermones Courtship Dances Territorial Defense Phermones Chemical signals that are given off by animals as a means of communication.

Courtship Dances The behavior males and females carry out before mating. Territorial Defense Defending an animals breeding area, feeding

area or potential mates Videos Taxis GUQ (plant phototaxis)

Migration Iqa5s (monarch butterfly)

Imprinting (Tom and Jerry) (puppy and duckling) Classical Conditioning (Attack of the Quack) Trial and Error (bird and bank) (baby and peek a boo with door)

Phermones (ants) Courtship Dances (birds compilation) Territorial Defense (rhinos)

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