Angiosperm By Alexis, Katie and Adel It is a plant that has flowers and produces seeds

within a carpel What is an angiosperm? Structure

Function Receptacle: Thickened part of the stem where the flower organs are attached

Function Sepal: Protects flower bud before it opens Function Petals:

Usually most colourful parts of flower that attract pollinators Function Stamen:

Male reproductive parts of a flower Function Anther: Made up of lobes that attach to the filament.

The lobes hold sacs containing pollen. Function Filament: Stalk that holds the anther

Function Ovary: Protects ovule after fertilization and becomes the fruit

Ovule (inside the ovary): Structure developing in the ovary and contains the gamete which develops into the

seed. Function Style: Long tube which attaches stigma to

the ovary. Pollen will slide down to fertilize the egg. Function Stigma:

Top of the carpal that is sticky to catch the pollen Review Vascular tissue - xylem: transports water and nutrients from the roots to the

leaves - phloem: transports sugars everywhere throughout the plant Cuticle: Waxy layer on top of the leaves that helps leaves to retain water Roots: absorb water and nutrients Leaves: Converts the suns energy into food for the plant

Stem: Supports the leaves, flowers, fruits connecting them to the root and conducts water, nutrients, and products of photosynthesis to and from roots and leaves Examples

More Examples Reproductive Cycle Test Questions What makes angiosperms different from

gymnosperms? After the megaspore goes through mitosis 3 times, what happens to the eight nuclei? Why are fruits so important for plants?

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