All about OLTE

All about OLTE

Online Learning 15 March 2011 Conference Aims To consider: online learning development the educational purpose of emerging technologies leadership and management issues related to technology

What online learning is not . . . A big virtual library in the sky A website A database of information

A set of frequently asked questions An isolated activity What online learning is . . . Blended Learning Interacti

ve Online Tutors NI Strategic Context Department of Education Empowering schools strategy (2003)

Entitlement Framework (2010) Widening Pupil Choice 24/27 courses 2013 target . . . every ALC should have utilised the expertise of their OLTE graduates to pilot at least one collaborative, accredited, blended online course recognised under EF ETI An Evaluation of the Use and Impact of Learning Environments in Schools (2008)

What is a Learning Platform? a set of integrated online tools (Course Areas, Communication, Collaboration, Assessment, Administration . . .) available 24/7

wealth of statistical data/evidence Some Learning Platforms What is a Learning Platform? Other Considerations external hosting ALC provision Developing Online Learning Some questions . . .

SDP target? Using OLTE Graduate? CPD all staff?

Develop an Online EF Course? ALC collaboration? OLTE Graduates Antrim ALC - GCSE Engineering St Ciarans/Girls Model - CoPE Level 2 OLTE Graduates

St Killians College - Level 3 Certificate in Engineering St Patricks Maghera - AS Product Design St Pauls Bessbrook - GCSE Irish OLTE Graduates . . . some stats ELB No of ALCs NEEL 11 B WELB 5

No of No of Schools No of School Completed Teachers s OLTE Unit 3 Complete d OLTE Unit 3 60

No of ALCs with Critical Mass * 18 24 2 (30%) 54 23 28 1 (43%) BELB 4

40 12 14 1 (30%) SEELB 6 44 8 8 1 * One OLTE graduate per two schools (18%) SELB 5 55 5

7 0 (9%) Developing . . . a way forward Use OLTE Graduate Sound Rationale why online?

Considerations Time to build/Front loading Online teacher time Small steps Select pupils carefully Communication / consistency Involve other staff

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