Timeline Alex Gauthier & Daymian Hogue 1950s Back in the 1950s life was simple, kids played outside with baseballs not inside playing MLB 2013 on their PS3. In the 1950s however it was not all fun and games, due to the threat of nuclear annihilation from the soviets in the cold war. But great inventions still continued such as the univac and the hydrogen bomb. Again regardless daily life continued.

1950s Daily life For the kids. Wake up eat cereal with the family, go to school and play, come home to eat dinner Go to sleep Repeat A very easy going life for the kids. In 1950s the kids lived a carefree life. Life for the parents not so much. For the parents.

Wake up, get ready for work then eat breakfast Work 8-12 hours Go home, and fix the car Bring the kids home Make dinner Play bball with their son After dinner clean the house 1950s Work and Education Back in the 1950s you had 2 options education wise high school graduate or 4+ year degree.

If you chose high school you can work at GM, Lumberjack, Carpenter, Mechanic, Military, a Mom & Pop shop, or gas station attendant. If you chose degree, new options include Doctor, Lawyer, Politician, Engineer, 1960s In the 1960s stuff got more complicated due to vietnam and korean wars. Meanwhile things for the average person got groovy as lava lamps came into style and people refused to conform. Life got a bit freaky, but stayed essentially the same. 1960s Daily life

For the kids. Wake up eat breakfast Go to school Go home to do chores Go play football Eat dinner Go to sleep Repeat The kids, as they had to be responsible during the war time especially since the parents For the parents. Wake up, get ready Work 8 hours

Watch the news Make dinner and eat Watch TV with the family Sleep and repeat In the 60s the parents were more carefree around the home they were more worried with 1960s Work and Education In the counterculture of the 1960s most were against mainstream society and chose

not to get an education. But were able to at least find a job. While the majority of society went to college and in the end chose to get a career. Most were 4 year degrees. 1970s During the 1970s, the chaotic events of the 60s just seemed to continue on. However there were more people that wanted space

exploration, the protection of the environment, and other rights that they did not have before. 1970s Daily Life Daily life was simple yet complicated back in the 70s. Everyone was trying new things and it became a major fad everywhere. Clothing was short and colorful, and everyone loved to streak nude through public places just for the fun of it. 1970s Work and Education For education, it was a somewhat dark time. Because of

anti-war demonstrations, there were shootings and racial separation with much violence. Most of the 70s, work wasnt very exciting. Many people had only desk jobs where they sat around all day doing almost nothing.

1980s The 1980s became the ME! ME! ME! generation. Billionaires took over, and those who werent acted like they were shopping til they dropped. Meanwhile Reagan launched war on drugs, and hoped Soviets didnt return the favor on america. National debt raised to 2 trillion, but most didnt care and all the people who remember the 80s agree It was totally awesome 1980s Daily Life In the 80s it was work, to make money. Then turn and burn it at the nearest store. Have

fun, and in a couple of weeks (or days) when it got old, Buy more. That was always the answer the guys loved having a skateboard for everyday of the week and the girls enjoyed having an outfit for everyday of the month and, at the end of the day Super Mario was the rage. 1980s Work and Education Education in the 80s was very common and things were going good with school costs being lowered and education quality

increased, and desegregation of all schools (including Working in the 80s was the peak of americas economy everyone made money some even became billionaires and set a whole new standard for everyone else. But

1990s By the 90s most people had a computer in their house. Unemployment was a huge factor though in the 90s with the ones who were hired had a low paying job. 1990s Daily Life Life wasnt that good However there was in the 90s. Either another thing you had grunge going around. Its clothes or prep name was obesity. clothes. There

During the 90s it was no inwas at a record between simply high and nobody because the prices cared. were unbearable. 1990s Work and Education Compared to the Thanks to many of 1960s, where only the new inventions about forty-one and advancements percent of

in technology, students work was completed four becoming easier years of high for everyone, even school, the 90s though the pay still had about eightywasnt very good. three and a half percent of Todays technology 2000:Corn Fuel 2001:Ipod

2002:Blackberry 2003:Hybrid Car 2004:LED based TV 2005:Youtube 2006:New Breathalyzer Method 2007:Iphone 2008:Retail DNA test 2009:Dandelion Rubber 2010: ipad, Electric car charging station 2011: The medical mirror 2012: We can make

indoor clouds 2013: Bat suits, close to wingsuits but adapted better.

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