Aiming High 2014 - Cardinal Newman College

Aiming High 2014 - Cardinal Newman College

Aiming High 2014 Parents Information Evening Tuesday 14th January Aim To provide an overview of Oxford and Cambridge Universities and other prestigious institutions To provide an overview of medical applications (including dentistry and veterinary science) To give an insight into the early application procedure To enable you to provide support and guidance WHICH ARE THE PRESTIGIOUS UNIVERSITIES & COURSES?

The Russell Group The Russell Group represents 24 leading UK universities which are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience and unrivalled links with business and the public sector. The Russell Group

University of Birmingham University of Bristol University of Cambridge Cardiff University Durham University University of Edinburgh University of Exeter University of Glasgow Imperial College London King's College London University of Leeds

University of Liverpool London School of Economics & Political Science University of Manchester Newcastle University University of Nottingham University of Oxford Queen Mary, University of London Queen's University Belfast University of Sheffield University of Southampton University College London University of Warwick University of York League tables

Source: The Guardian University Guide 2013 2013 Ranking 2012 Ranking Institution University Group 1 1 Cambridge

Russell 2 2 Oxford Russell 3 4 London School of Economics

Russell 4 3 St Andrews No affiliation 5 6 Warwick Russell

6 5 University College London Russell 7 8 Durham Russell

8 7 Lancaster No affiliation 9 14 Bath No affiliation 10

11 Exeter Russell Why bother applying to prestigious universities? World class academics World class teaching and resources Good financial/job prospects: Survey of mid-1990s graduates: 19% who went to prestigious universities

earning over 90,000 p.a. Compared with 5% who went to new universities OXBRIDGE (Oxford and Cambridge) WHY OXBRIDGE? Excellent courses and facilities Leading edge teaching and research For many, enjoyable places to live and study Affordable Employment skills and opportunities

DISTINCTIVE FEATURES Most Oxford and Cambridge courses are ACADEMIC and THEORETICAL A focus on INDEPENDENT study and learning intensive 8 week terms Extensive RESOURCES are available Emphasis on 1:1 / small group TUTORIALS Assessment largely through EXAMINATIONS Oxford and Cambridge are made up of COLLEGES (Collegiate system) 38 undergraduate colleges at Oxford and 29 at Cambridge, they have some discretion to determine how they select candidates College is primarily where you live All colleges invest heavily in facilities for extensive library and IT provision,

accommodation and welfare support, sports and social events. Base for core tutorial teaching Most colleges offer places for most subjects Vary by size, age, location, facilities ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS Typical offers: Oxford A*AA (or equivalent); Cambridge A*AA (or equivalent) Success rate is about 1 in 5 of those who apply Entry criteria are purely academic Emphasis is on potential and thinking skills, not existing knowledge WHAT TUTORS ARE LOOKING FOR

Academic ability Academic potential Independent thought Enthusiasm & interest in your subject Commitment to study/ teachability Typical Student Profile At least 6-7 A*s at GCSE Very strong AS results normally taken in one sitting Evidence of extra-curricular study/activities: reading of journals / magazines e.g. New Scientist, Economist etc. - extra academic reading (see university lists) - relevant work

experience e.g. work in a lab. - visits to museums - read broadsheets - BBC podcasts TUTORS CONSIDER GCSE results AS results Predicted A level grades

UCAS personal statement UCAS reference Written work (if required) Aptitude tests (taken in November) Written test at interview (if set) Interviews (usually at least two) Other Prestigious Universities and Courses

Sport at Loughborough Engineering at Imperial College, London Economics at L.S.E. Architecture at Bath Maths at Warwick Music at RNCM, RAM, RCM. Art Foundation Diploma London Schools e.g. St. Martins Drama RADA, LAMDA E.g. Entrance criteria: LSE for Economics A* AA UCL for Mathematics A* A*A Durham for History - strong AS grades and A*AA at A2 St Andrews for English AAA Bristol for Geography AAA-AAB + GCSE Maths

grade B Bath for Architecture A*AA + GCSE Maths grade A Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science Apply early September 29th Relevant work experience essential Highest grades needed A Level Science(s) essential Good people skills essential Selection interviews important Lots of people apply few are accepted. Entry Requirements Medicine, Dentistry UKCAT most schools now require this.

Vet Science, Medicine BMAT for Oxbridge, Vet Schools and UCL. (In 2011, Oxford used GCSEs & BMAT to reduce 1,514 applicants to 425, to interview for 152 Medicine places.) Note: Very good GCSE scores, high AS grades and relevant work experience required for Vet, Dentistry and Medicine-related degrees. e.g. Birmingham University Because of the competition, meeting the academic requirements described does not guarantee that you will receive the offer of an interview. Good evidence of motivation for the profession as well as additional and significant non-academic activities is also

necessary. AS levels: Preference will be given to those applicants who offer AAAA at AS, achieved by the end of the first year of A level study GCSE's: Normally, applicants must offer A* grades in each of English (either English Language or English Literature), Mathematics and all science subjects. Integrated Science (double certificate) is acceptable as an alternative to single sciences. Overall GCSE performance will be considered. Evidence of on-going activities involving significant interactions with a broad range of people in a responsible capacity is a relevant aspect. Activities that take place outside of school are especially appreciated. Medicine

31 medical schools to choose from A Level Sciences essential check details Need good health (declare anything serious) Might need to do BMAT or UKMAT test Normally takes 5 years First 2 year are preclinical theory etc The 3 years of clinical (medical tasks) Read medical stuff newspapers, books, journals, visit Work experience essential (eg care home, hospital, assisting nurses, hospice) Visit a local GP Know what the following mean: BMA, NICE, AIDS, SARS, MMR, MRSA, causes of death in UK Dentistry

Dentistry 18 schools to choose from A Level Sciences essential check details Need good health (declare anything serious) Might need to do BMAT or UKCAT test Normally takes 5 years plus a years vocational training Dentists are usually self-employed

Or you might work in a hospital or in community health (employed by NHS) Salary no formal scales for self-employed but around 70,000 + Work experience essential (eg care home, hospital, assisting nurses, dentist, hospice) Veterinary Science 8 veterinary schools to choose from A Level Sciences essential check details

Need good health (declare anything serious) Might need to take an aptitude test Normally takes 5 years First 2 year are preclinical theory etc The 3 years of clinical (medical tasks) Assessment by exams, coursework and observation of clinical examination Possible Intercalated degree (you get an extra science degree by doing extra year) What next? Use the booklet to inform yourself and your son / daughter Be aware of dates and deadlines in the application calendar Their preparation for applying should begin now

Upcoming event Oxford and Cambridge conference Haydock Park March 20th Students to contact careers advisors to book a place Only 35 student places so hurry!

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