Aim: What the Ming Dynasty all about?

Aim: What the Ming Dynasty all about?

Ming and Qing Dynasties A new age in China Ming: (1368 1644) Qing: (1644 1911) The Rise of a Dynasty

1368 A rebel army drives out the Mongols (Yuan Dynasty) Capital moved from Nanjing to Beijing A Return to Confucianism

Confucian Standards for Government and Education Civil Service Exams An Age of Exploration

Zheng He Explores the World (1405) Show power and splendor Tribute System Distributed gifts to show Chinese superiority Ming Vase

Ming Vase Great Wall Cultural Isolation

Tight Government Control of Trade Smuggling/Pirating The Great Wall The Great Wall

Created by the Ming Dynasty (began in 1st century BCE during Qin ) In disrepair

Throughout late 15th and 16th Century 100,000s of workers 1,500 miles 33 49 feet high

Watch Towers, Living Quarters, Signal Towers Wanted to eliminate Mongol and other foreign influence Ming Fall

Navy and coastal defenses ineffective Coast looted by pirates Ineffective rulers Imperial city and court opulence

Famine Rebel forces (Manchu led) storm

Forbidden City Emperor totally Detached He and his family commit suicide Manchu invaders from the north QING DYNASTY

Qing Dynasty Manchu Invaders Military Strength

Conquest Throughout East Asia Preserved Ethnic/Cultural Heritage Strong Imperial Leadership Confucian Scholar-Bureaucrats Eunuchs

Powerful Emperors Manchu Origins Pastoral Nomads CONFUCIANISM remains

Continuation of Ming Chinese Economy Increased Agricultural Production New Foods - Americas

Population Growth Global Trade Highly Commercialized

Favorable Balance of Trade Falls behind in technology TIGHT GOVERNMENT REGULATION Small Business Organizations Chinese Society

Society is viewed as a family Strongly Patriarchal Clan Based Scholar Bureaucrats and Gentry are Honored Peasants are highly valued for working the land (AGRICULTURE) Mean People = Military

Role of Merchants The Unification of Japan Japanese Feudalism Similar to European Feudalism

Tokugawa Shogunate Severely Limited Foreign Influence Decreased power of Daimyo/Samurai Alternate Attendance


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