Agility Power Point Template

Agility Power Point Template

OneView Marketing Training Supplement June 2010 General Contents Overview Marketing Configuration Marketing Campaigns Marketing Projects Marketing Project Items Marketing Leads & Mass E-Mailing Reports Administration Questions & Feedback Overview

Overview OneView is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program designed to: Improve Agilitys ability to identify customer needs and build innovative solutions Fast Facts Deployed July 2008 Current State: Capitalize on opportunities for collaboration and synergies between multiple business groups - Deployed in over 50 countries

Consolidate corporate knowledge and create a central repository of companies, contacts, opportunities, etc. - Used actively by GIL, Freight & Logistics, Project Logistics Reduce ad hoc reporting requirements by standardizing reports and making them accessible to management - 1700 users globally Executive Sponsor Holger Altvater Objectives for session To test and improve the final system against the specified requirements To enable Marketing Managers to work with the OneView functionality for Marketing

and drive roll-out in their region To discuss Marketing Activity Plan (MAP) migration Outcomes Going Live with OneView for Marketing Draft Implementation plan for each region Draft plan for the transition of MAP contents to OneView Marketing Module OneView will support the existing marketing process by: Tracking, managing and reporting on marketing activity Identifying sales revenue generated from marketing campaigns/projects Automate report generation General Definitions:

Marketing campaign Marketing Campaigns Broad marketing initiatives Marketing project Specific marketing initiative(s) that support the objectives of a marketing campaign Marketing Projects Marketing project items The task(s) associated with a marketing project

Marketing Project Items Minimum System / PC Requirements OneView System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista Internet Explorer 6, 7, or 8 (no, not Firefox, or Safari) Calendar Synchronization Requires an email account on the logistics domain All references to calendar synchronization in this document assume that you have an email address on that domain Migration of all users to the logistics domain is in planning stages with Corporate IT Installation & Logging In OneView requires a small installation / download prior to use

This requires local administrative rights on your PC Installation will be carried out by your local IT team or by accessing http:// On opening the URL you will be asked to provide your userid User ID is logistics\ Password is your Outlook email password or password

NOTE: There is a delay when first downloading (approx 1 min) so you should not cancel the screen even if it looks like it is not downloading. Outlook Integration Set up OneView allows you the ability to import emails against contacts Open Outlook to set up this function Within Outlook select View->Toolbars>Pivotal This will add the Pivotal Outlook Toolbar From the new toolbar select master" from the drop down choice list To import an email into OneView: Select the email in your Inbox Click on the Export Button on the Pivotal

toolbar A pop up window prompts for confirmation of import and details of contacts/company Click the Yes Button to import email Requires OneView contact with matching email address OneView Support Structure Errors OneView Product Team Digica

TCS Send help desk ticket to [email protected] to Region Global Administrator Country Region Administrator Administrator [email protected] OneView HelpDesk

Ticket OneView HelpDesk Ticket Team P&L Administrator Trainer Issues with training, functionality, process, etc . One View User Application errors OneView HelpDesk Ticket

The OneView HelpDesk Ticket is used to report technical issues and/or report bugs with the application To raise a HelpDesk Ticket fill out the embedded OneView HelpDesk Ticket completely Send the ticket/file in an email to: [email protected] Enter OneView Support Ticket in the subject line Do not leave the subject line blank Do not have RE: or FW: in the subject line Copy your OneView Administrator Include relevant screen shots OneView HelpDesk Ticket The HelpDesk will record the issue and forward to the relevant parties for action

Local IT, OneView IT Support Analyst, OneView Product Team OneView Marketing Configuration My Portal Tab - SmartPortal Customization Use the Personalize Button to Configure Your Home Page Three marketing specific channels (My Portal Tab): Marketing Campaigns Marketing Projects Mass E-Mailing Select the channel to see the corresponding portals Must be designated as marketing user on employee profile to have access to

business objects My Portal Tab Marketing SmartPortal Options My Open Marketing Projects Where I am an Owner My Open Marketing Projects Where I am a Sponsor Open Marketing Projects Where I am a Team Member My Open Marketing Project Items Where I am an Owner My Open Marketing Project Items Where I am a Sponsor Open Marketing Project Items Where I am a Team Member My Teams Completed Marketing Project Items in Last ? Days (based on Project Owner) My Teams Open Marketing Projects (based on Project Owner) My Teams Open Marketing Project Items (based on Project Owner) Marketing Projects/Items Awaiting Approval My Portal Tab Sales (Marketing) SmartPortal Options

Marketing Projects where I am Assigned Marketing Projects where Sales Visibility Start Date and End Date are within Current Date Marketing Projects where my Team are Assigned Marketing Projects where Sales Visibility Start Date and End Date are within Current Date My Menu Tab - Left Hand Tool Bar Customization Use the Personalize Button to Configure Your Home Page Marketing specific business objects (My Menu Tab): Marketing Campaign Marketing Projects Marketing Channel Partners

Marketing Collateral Marketing Media Mass E-Mailing Must be designated as marketing /mass emailer on employee profile to have access to business objects Total of 6 business objects related to mass e-mailing Marketing Campaigns Marketing Campaigns Only global/regional marketing users can create campaigns All marketing users can view all marketing campaigns

Includes start/end dates, campaign budget, owner and sponsor Only the campaign owner and sponsor can edit the campaign Campaign financials will only be visible to the campaign owner and sponsor: Budgeted Amount Actual Spend Finding a Marketing Campaign Click Quick Search under Marketing Campaign Business Object on the Menu Bar Use the Quick Search capability to locate the campaign

Click on the right facing arrow to open the campaign Marketing Projects Marketing Project Creation / Search Marketing projects must be linked to a campaign Creating a Marketing Project: Click the Marketing Projects Tab from the Campaign Form Click the + sign to create a new project Marketing Projects Business Object Allows you to access the search

functions & reports Marketing Project OverView Any marketing user can create a project Only the project owner/sponsor can view and edit budget for a marketing project A Marketing Project will have the following status levels: Idea, In Progress, Completed, Cancelled All projects are placed in the idea stage until approved by the global / regional marketing lead Global / regional marketing users will review the pending projects via smart portal

Marketing Projects will not appear on certain marketing reports until they are approved, i.e. past the idea stage Project Tab Orange dots designate mandatory fields and must be completed before the project can be saved & forwarded for approval Must click Save before switching to another tab Top section contains Marketing Project Information Consistent naming convention, (country-year-name)

Project type/sub type Status (defaults to Idea) can be changed after approval Activity start/end dates Sales visibility dates for linkage with sales opportunities (must tick box to display to sales) Event Date for this project Project Budget or Free of Charge Brief Description of Marketing Project Marketing Project Overview quick report access Project Tab - Continued Scroll down for additional fields

Additional Search Attributes for reporting and search purposes Territory designate the region/country/city the project affects Industry Type use to identify the industry focus Project Item Items to support the project (more to follow) Channel Partner use drop down list or add additional by clicking Update Channel Partner Button Team Member add additional marketing team members to provide visibility and edit access

Project Tab Buttons New Activity Opens the Activity Form for the creation of calls/meetings/tasks to support your project(s) Mass Emailing Requires Mass E-mailer access rights Project Sub Type of Email Blast Project must be approved Import Leads Allows you to import leads via template (more to follow)

Show Emails Displays the emails that have been sent from or imported into OneView Create Emails Allows you to create and send emails to contacts listed in OneView Results & Briefing Tabs Results Tab Grids auto populated by the system Will change dependent upon Marketing Project Sub Type chosen Lists all expected and actual results for your marketing project

Ability to add additional rows to grids Rebuild Calendar grid capability Briefing Tab Add Briefing document as attachment Answer a series of pre defined questions to summarize the objectives based on the project type selected Question field is read only Global/regional administrator will review question responses and take them into consideration when evaluating / approving the project Opportunity & Leads Tabs Opportunities

Displays Opportunities developed by sales that have been linked to your marketing project Click the right play arrow next to the opportunity to view the opportunity details Leads Ability to create unqualified leads or upload multiples with minimal data Un-qualified leads need additional information to obtain a qualified status and forwarded to sales Perform a de-dupe before forwarding to sales Delete all outstanding

unqualified leads when closing/cancelling a project Sales Leads Grid tracks leads sent to sales Notes & Activities Tabs Notes Rolls up notes from the activities linked to the project Activities Will display a list of activities that have been defined against the marketing project Add and view related projects or project items

Ability to add sales attendees Function allows Sales to assign themselves as attending Events Project Form Tabs - continued Interactions Tab Keep track of who you interacted with and what was given View Mass emailing campaigns Collateral given to a branch or given to a customer Assign specific Sales people to the project Effectiveness / pipeline of assigned sales people will appear in Project Overview report

Attachments Attach documents important to the Project Link to documents in Connections or external websites Not to be used as a repository Marketing Project Items Project Items Tasks and items that support a marketing project Form is nearly identical to the project form Project items will not roll up to

budget/actual totals or appear in marketing reports until they are approved Mass Emailing button only available if: Project sub type contains email blast User is designated for mass emailing Project Item is approved i.e. past the Idea stage Leads & Mass E-Mailing Marketing Leads Leads that are developed by Marketing from trade shows, etc. Lead De-dupe process checks

against other companies and contacts already in OneView Once the Lead is qualified it will be passed to sales Designated country lead administrators then forward the lead to the appropriate sales person to qualify Reports can be run to see effectiveness of marketing campaigns/projects based on the number of leads converted into opportunities Lead Import Template Import Instructions:

Enter all information possible using the DROP DOWN field data where required. Numbers in brackets identify the maximum number of characters allowed per field All MANDATORY data (highlighted in yellow) must be entered plus either a phone number or an Email address (highlighted in light orange) If a single mandatory field is not entered the record will NOT be uploaded Once all data is entered cut and paste the data only into a separate Excel sheet and Save to a directory / folder. Do not copy the column headers Open OneView and select the Import Leads Button, browse to the saved file location and select the saved file for upload On completion OneView will confirm the number of leads uploaded based on the above rules re mandatory fields Lead Upload Template Creating Lists To create a contact or employee list from

OneView, use the search functionality Click the Advanced Tab and enter additional parameters to focus your search/list Click Search Build your list by ticking the individual record, or to select all tick the box at the top of the list. Click Save Selections To button in order to save your list to a file Creating Lists - continued Add your list to an existing list, or designate as a New List Click the arrow next to New List

Name your list using a consistent naming convention: country-date-list name Designate Access Type Private Public Public Read Only Enter comments to further identify the list Click Save Click Saved Results to access your saved lists Mass Emailing Granted by Permission Only Mass Email button activated for Project Sub Type Email Blast

Allows you to send mass emails to specific lists of: Contacts Leads (both sales and marketing) Employees* Available templates centrally maintained Emails can be tailored to the recipient by adding tags such as: Contact first name Contact last name Attachments can be added size restricted to half MB

Marketing Reports Reports OneView has a robust array of reports Access 2 reports via Campaign and Project forms Access additional reports by clicking the Reports Business Object and selecting Reports by Object Four more marketing reports available Click arrow to access the chosen report Additional Marketing Extract report available from your My Profile

Reports - continued Opening reports will sometimes present a parameter screen Manipulate drop down fields to configure report Report will run and display in the window Data is restricted based on security access Can be printed or saved and emailed Marketing Reports

Marketing Campaign Overview (available from Campaign form) This report shows Marketing Campaigns with their assigned Marketing Projects and Items with a break out of budget by sponsor. This enables you to ensure fundings match marketing objectives. Marketing Project Overview (available from Project form) This report shows Marketing Projects data with a break out budget by Marketing Item sponsor. The report has the option to display Project Items, Activities, Leads, Opportunities and Mass Mailings. This enables you to ensure appropriate resources for your marketing projects Marketing Extract (available from My Profile) This extract will provide key data from all your Projects and Items in an Excel data file Marketing Reports (Contd)

Marketing Campaign Activity Plan This report shows Marketing Activity within the specified date range. This enables you to plan ahead Marketing Project Activity Report This report shows Expected and Actual results for Marketing Projects and Items within the specified date range. This enables you to measure your effectiveness. Marketing Project Analysis This report shows Marketing Projects and Items based on user defined search options. This enables you to search and analyze Marketing Project and Items by categories. My Marketing Project Activity This report shows my / my teams marketing activity over a defined date range. This enables you to manage the priorities and deadlines for you / your teams

Administration Administration Marketing Collateral Used to create a list of collateral produced/link to a specific project or project item Populates the collateral drop down field on the Project Tab Use the Interactions Grid to designate who received the collateral (contact, lead or employee) Can update directly from the project or project item if the media does not appear in the drop down menu (field

name is hyperlinked) Marketing Media Maintains a list of media given to contacts Populates drop down field on the Project Tab Can update directly from the project or project item if the media does not appear in the drop down menu (field name is hyperlinked) Workshop Groups Communications (Global User)

Mariam, Nita, Mykal, Sara logistics\ CrmTest024 Global Marketing CrmTest023 Global Marketing Regional (Regional User) Toby, James, Marina, Brian CrmTest015 Global Marketing CrmTest022 Region Marketing (Middle East) CrmTest021 Region Marketing (Europe) Specialties (Regional User) Jennifer, Mark, Karen Areas (Marketing User)

Gregor = Middle East CrmTest014 Region Marketing (Asia) CrmTest013 Region Marketing (Americas) CrmTest018 Normal Marketing (Europe) CrmTest017 Normal Marketing (Middle East) CrmTest09 Normal Marketing (Americas) Annika = Europe CrmTest08 Normal Marketing (Asia) Vanessa = Asia Password = password

Workshop Exercise / Testing Navigate to the provided TEST site URL and log in using assigned Userids Search and open Agility Campaigns created in system by Holger Create 2-3 Projects against each campaign Fill in data in all screens where applicable Make sure that at least two of these Projects get approved Create 2-3 Project Items against 1-2 projects and make sure that you can enter data ok

Make sure that you approve some of these so they: Appear on the roll ups for the Project and campaign Appear on reports etc Add activities to Projects Check your home page and make sure that the smartportals show the created projects etc Try running a couple of the Marketing reports

Hooray! You are now OneView Trained! Questions, Comments, Feedback

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