Adworks Agency New Employee Orientation

Adworks Agency New Employee Orientation

ADWORKS AGENCY NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION Advertising on Target TOPICS About AdWorks Accomplishments Organization Working with Clients Health Insurance Leave Time Paperwork Process GETTING TO KNOW THE COMPANY

ABOUT ADWORKS Full-service marketing, advertising, and design firm serving regional and national clients Started in 1989 Build and position brands Print, TV, & online ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2013 Cleo Award Winner Print: Direct Mail Triangle Business of the

Year (2009) Local Disaster Relief Fund & Fight the Drought Awareness Ads 2008 Ad: Tich Award for Best Banner Ad & Best Next Generation Ad ORGANIZATION Liz Doe, President Marcus James, Head of Accounting

Bob Roberts, Sales Chief Elizabeth Walter, Design Specialist Tom Bridge, Head of Advertising Jim Francks, Head

Salesperson Todd Ham, Designer Katie Drew, Associate Beth White, Salesperson Luiz Ramierez, Salesperson WORKING WITH CLIENTS

Design/ Creative Focus on layout and artistic elements Sales Main content Sell ad space Advertising Know the target audience

Encompass a competitive edge Media Relations Satisfie d Client Contact media outlets UNDERSTANDING YOUR

BENEFITS HEALTH INSURANCE Benefits start on the first day of employment. Coverage includes Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). Over 1,000 providers in the local area. Health Incentive plans available for Get Fit Now program. We provide comprehensive medical coverage for individuals and families. LEAVE TIME Paid Leave Jury Duty

Disability Organ donor Holidays Funeral Military Sick 1 day per month Vacation 12 days: 1-3 years 1 day extra per year

Unpaid Leave Family and medical leave Family military leave School activity Non-approved conference Maternity

PAPERWORK PROCESS Supervisor provides paperwork to employee Employee submits paperwork within one week Tax forms 401(k) Emergency contact information RESOURCES

Free Online Learning & Computer Training: Great website for Microsoft Office classes, computer basics, and more Offline Resources: Contact Weylon Glen, Director of Human Resources Financial and Retirement Planning Retirement Resources The most recent copy of our financial report AdWorks Employee Benefits Guide

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