Adult Learning and Development

Adult Learning and Development

ADULT LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT 02/13/20 1 Adult Learning and Development Faculty Development Workshop How to Teach Non-Traditional Students January 17, 2006 Presented by Dr. Thomas Hawkins Dr. William Hine Dr. Barbara Powell 02/13/20 2 Theories of Adult Development

Contextual Developmental Age-related Domain specific Stage Life-span perspective Transition perspective 02/13/20 3

Contextual Perspective Social clock Normative and non-normative events Social roles 02/13/20 4 Developmental Perspective Seasons of LifeAge related Daniel Levinsons theory

Early Adult Transition 16-20 Entering the Adult World 21-29 Settling Down 30-34 Becoming Ones Own Person 35-39 Midlife Transition 40-42 Restabilization 43-50 02/13/20 5

Developmental Perspective Domain-specific Loevingers ego development Fowlers faith development Kohlbergs moral development Crosss racial identity development Casss homosexual identity development Piagets cognitive development Any other theories that focus on one domain of development 02/13/20

6 Developmental Perspective Stage Theory Erik Erikson Basis trust vs. Mistrust Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt Industry vs. Inferiority Identity vs. Role Confusion Intimacy vs. Isolation Generativity vs. Stagnation

Integrity vs. Despair 02/13/20 7 Identity Statuses James Marcia Foreclosure Moratorium Diffusion Achievement 02/13/20

8 When is a Student NonTraditional? Age? Roles? Years out of school? 02/13/20 9 Needs of Traditional and Non-Traditional Students Traditional:

02/13/20 Non-traditional: 10 Need for Academic Advising/ Counseling Traditiona Nontradition l al Major/Minor Advising 78.4% 50.9% 21.9% 12.9%

35.5% 20.4% 27.0% 21.0% Tutoring Study Skills Help Self-Confidence 02/13/20 11 Need for Support Services Traditional Nontradition al

Career Planning 61.6% 46.5% Campus Housing 25.7% 21.0% Part-time Work 45.3% 15.0% Orientation 34.1%

02/13/20 47.1% 12 Need for Integration Services Traditional Nontradition al Study Places 52.4% 39.5% Lounge Places

31.3% 27.2% Ways to Meet 31.3% 17.0% 02/13/20 13 Need with regard to Delivery Systems Traditional Nontradition al Evening

Courses 23.3% 34.6% Weekend Courses 6.2% 17.7% Evening Offices 34.2% 02/13/20 27.4% 14 Nontraditional Student

Services Traditional Nontradition al Childcare 5.9% 21.9% Family Recreation 7.8% 17.9% Nontraditional Office

15.0% 52.4% 02/13/20 15 Understanding Adult Transitions 1.Situationis the situation perceived as positive, negative, expected, unexpected, desired, undesired? 2.Selfdoes the person have experiences with a similar transition; believe there are options; have no problem with ambiguity? 02/13/20 16

Understanding Adult Transitions 3. Supportsboth physical (financial assets) and emotional (support from family and friends). 4. Strategiesuses a variety of methods for dealing with the transition: change the situation; change the meaning of the situation; manage stress 02/13/20 17 The Need to Matter Attention

Importance Dependence Ego-extension Appreciation 02/13/20 18

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