ACT Power Plus Vocabulary -

ACT Power Plus Vocabulary -

ACT Power Plus Vocabulary Lesson Nine machination (n.) an evil design or plan Once again, the superhero foiled the machinations of the evil scientist. Synonyms

scheme plot pejorative (adj.) having a negative effect; insulting Lenny resigned after overhearing his coworkers pejorative remarks. Synonyms disparaging

derogatory Antonyms complimentary harbinger (n.) an omen or sign To many, the black cat is a harbinger of bad luck. Synonyms

warning portent nubile (adj.) suitable for marriage in age and physical development, referring to a female In six years, she grew from a skinny twelve-year-old to a nubile young woman.

sapient (adj.) wise; full of knowledge Everyone sought advice from the sapient monk who lived on the mountain. Synonyms Antonyms sagacious

fatuous inane chimerical (adj.) imaginary; fantastic Little Tina had a chimerical notion that rabbits lived in trees. Synonyms absurd

illusionary Antonyms practical masochist (n.) one who enjoys his or her own pain and suffering Sue accused her friend of being a masochist because he refused to go to

the doctor despite his broken toes. finesse (n.) diplomacy; tact; artful management The diplomat had the finesse to deal with the troublesome nation. Synonyms skill cunning

Antonyms tactlessness heterogeneous (adj.) different; dissimilar The platoon was a heterogeneous group of young men from various backgrounds.

Synonyms Antonyms diverse varied homogeneous similar eclectic (adj.) choosing from various sources

The eclectic furnishings were from different nations and historical periods. Synonyms Antonyms selective narrow

grandiose (adj.) impressive; showy; magnificent The young couple could not afford the grandiose home, so they found a smaller house. Synonyms Antonyms stately imposing

humble raiment (n.) clothing; garments The royal raiment of the princess is copied by the fashion industry for the department-store market. Synonyms overbearing

arrogant masterful Antonyms servile submissive blanch (v.) to whiten; to make pale

Sues face blanched when she saw the charred remains of her house. hybrid (n.) anything of mixed origin The hybrid roses had the best traits of two different species. idiosyncrasy (n.) a peculiar personality trait

Hiding money in tin cans was only one of the old mans idiosyncrasies. Synonyms eccentricity quirk

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