ACT Power Plus Vocabulary -

ACT Power Plus Vocabulary -

ACT Power Plus Vocabulary Lesson Twelve halacyon (adj.) calm; pleasant The severe windstorm interrupted the otherwise halcyon week. Synonyms

tranquil unruffled Antonyms troubled tumultuous

fastidious (adj.) hard to please; fussy My neighbor is a fastidious housekeeper. Synonyms meticulous exacting

Antonyms casual lax badinage (n.) playful, teasing talk What began as badinage quickly escalated

to cutting insults. Synonyms chaff joking malapropism (n.) a word humorously misused

He used a malapropism when he said conspite in place of inspire. Synonyms Bunkerism garner v.) to gather; to acquire During the fall harvest, extra workers were

hired to garner the crops. Synonyms collect harvest kismet (n.) destiny; fate; fortune (ones lot in life)

She thought her kismet was to be a veterinarian until she failed her biology lab. hegira (n.) flight; escape The flooding caused a mass hegira from the city.

paradigm (n.) a model; an example The class regarded Kate as a paradigm of good manners. debauchery (n.) corruption; selfindulgence Jonas was once wealthy, but a life of gambling and debauchery left him with nothing.

Synonyms excess dissipation milieu (n.) environment; setting The poet felt that his proper milieu was the untouched wilderness of Alaska.

regress (v.) to move backward If he took the job offer, Tyler felt that his career might regress rather than move forward. bilious (adj.) bad tempered; cross No one could stand being in the same room with Sam when he was in a bilious mood.

Synonyms grouchy cantankerous Antonyms pleasant

necromancy (n.) magic, especially that practiced by a witch Puritans often executed people who had supposedly practiced necromancy. Synonyms black magic

conjuring gumption (n.) courage and initiative; common sense It takes a lot of gumption to succeed in this fast-paced society. Synonyms

enterprise aggressiveness drive blandishment (n.) flattery The salesmans blandishments did not convince me to buy the expensive watch. Synonyms

overpraise bootlicking

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