A new Money Advice strategy for Citizens Advice

A new Money Advice strategy for Citizens Advice

Improving Debt Advice provision. Lisa Colclough National Money Advice Policy and Development Officer Citizens Advice 08/02/20 The CAB Service

Citizens Advice Bureaux - independent charities 390 member bureaux 16000 volunteers 95% public awareness 52% public usage/contact 7 million new problems last year 18% increase due to recession Advice face-to-face, on the phone, in community venues, by email

and www.adviceguide.org.uk - 9 million users Advice available from nearly 3,400 locations one-third of these in health settings All topics handled 100% of bureaux give advice on debt level of service to deliver casework varies with funding 66% of bureaux deliver financial education 14 Financial Capability forums Money Advice (Money Guidance) delivered in Wales and Scotland

2.3m debt issues/problems (1/3 of all problems)

580,000 people advised on debt problems 250,000 receive financial education 70% are tenants not homeowners Half the average income Owe 17k on average unsecured No savings even for a rainy day High levels fuel poverty Lots of innovative and exiting projects but Demand increasing Funding challenges

F2F (FIF) funding extended until April 2012 Local Authority funding cuts LSC funding for debt advice likely to end We welcome MAS involvement and co-ordinated approach to delivery and funding Our Money Advice Strategy is developing to meet challenges and opportunities Key elements Empowering citizens

Helping people to help themselves Self-help is part of every service Creating a contract with the client Joining up preventative and responsive services Modelling how these mesh together Integrating into the money advice model Following up clients to avoid the revolving door Consistency and Quality

Creating greater quality and consistency Establishing a single recommended process model Across and between all channels Working with partners to deliver Integrating existing tools such as CASHflow and the Money Advice Service Health Check Further development of ICT tools that both advisor and client can use Delivered to a recognised standard In the community

Making greater use of volunteers At different stages of the money advice process Enhancing the capacity of specialist money volunteers Consistent support frameworks for volunteers Benefits for the consumer Clear knowing where to go Tailored Advice that mixes web, phone and / or faceto-face in a way that is right for the user Empowering throughout the process, building skills and confidence to avoid crisis happening again and financial health

Local, caring and independent being served by people in their communities Effective solving problems and changing behaviour Contact [email protected] 07967 014690

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