A Collaborative & Interactive Platform for ... - W.O.M.A.N., Inc

A Collaborative & Interactive Platform for ... - W.O.M.A.N., Inc

A Collaborative & Interactive Platform for Domestic Violence Agencies Powered by W.O.M.A.N., Inc. & Force by Design WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE DO 24 Hour Domestic Violence Support Line 1979 25-30 calls per month 2010 24,000 calls per year WHAT IS THE DVIRC? The Domestic Violence Information and Referral Center (DVIRC) is an online interactive community network that provides

a safe space for member domestic violence service providers to share, network, and access updated information on services available in the Bay Area and beyond. It aims to ensure effective and appropriate resources and referrals can be offered to WHY JOIN? Members can access domestic violence shelter bed availability Increase visibility of your organizations programs & services we had over 17,000 hits on the DVIRC in 2015 Decrease/eliminate the cost of printed resource guides Access to high quality resource information hundreds of filterable results

Learn/share about local events & opportunities in the community Sharing best practices, training resources, and other information more easily Increase communication & collaboration in the DV community throughout the state Joining is free! You can have access to this valuable resource at no cost to your organization. DVIRC HISTORY In 2010, twenty-three DV agencies come together for a discussion about how to use technology to better understand what services were available to survivors and how could agencies enhance communications through a technological platform.

In 2011, though 23 agencies had been involved in the information gathering state, only 5 agencies signed a letter of agreement to join DVIRC. In 2012, the DVIRC grew and within one year, 20 DV agencies had signed on. DVIRC HISTORY March 23, 2013 DV Support Line Volunteers being trained on using DVIRC during their volunteer shifts DVIRC STATEWIDE EXPANSION Counties Covered: 2012 San

Francisco Bay Area (9 counties) 2013 Santa Clara 2014 Del Norte Ventura 2015 Los Angeles 30000 DVIRC IMPACT 25000 2010 Received 20000 15000 10000 5000

0 DVIRC Hits Calls to WI Support Line 24,000 calls 2013 34 Member agencies Received 18,000 calls 2014 Creation of Analytics

Report 16,000 hits on DVIRC Received 10,000 calls 700 600 201 4 500 400 300 Total DVIRC Hits for DV Shelter Bed Census 200 100 0 January February March April

May June 2014 End of Year Survey Results - Use of the Program Most participants have seen a steady amount of DVIRC usage at their agency (69%) in the past six months. 22% have seen an increase of usage during that time period and only 8% have seen a decrease. Participants have found it Very Easy or Easy to implement the DVIRC into their day-today operations. Successful Methods of Implementation Make or check on daily updates (i.e. space) Use to find referrals and/or resources Use while on crisis line We open the DVIRC each morning and use the resource to assist callers and other agencies for information. We use the DVIRC all the time to get referrals and information to survivors of Domestic Violence.

As the helpline is the one shop stop for resources within the agency, we have included training on how to use DVIRC website to our Helpline training. So when anybody in the agency needs information DVIRC can provide, Helpline staff provide them the relevant information. Q. In the past six months, have you seen an increase, decrease or steady amount of DVIRC usage at your agency? Q. Our agency has found it easy to implement the DVIRC into our daily operations. 10 DVIRC IMPACT ON FIELD Technology can build a stronger, coordinated network of domestic violence service providers. The DVIRC has made a positive impact in case management and goal setting

80% of member agency representatives who took our 2014 DVIRC check-in survey said they saw a significant positive impact on their agencys functions Respondents also reported the DVIRC helps them: Save time & improve efficiency when contacting shelters. Use and access relevant information with ease. Feel better prepared to assist callers. Familiarize new staff/volunteers to the Bay Area agencies. Share pertinent information and resources to other NEXT STEPS Update & clean existing resources Working with Force by Design on improvements to the backend of the

system Continue strategy to recruit DV agencies (How best to scale the DVIRC) Continuing collaborations & communication with existing member agencies Explore ways we can become more accessible to ESL advocates we are Website Overview Finding Resources Filterable results & keyword search DV Shelter availability Saved Resource Lists Saved Filters Community

Get Ideas Get Answers Reference Documents Calendar of Events RESOURCES ON DVIRC Childrens Resources Disability DV Resources Advocacy Batterer Resources Crisis Line Peer Counseling Case Management Outreach Restraining Orders Shelters

Support Groups Therapy Advocate Training Counseling Educational Workshops Employment Services Health Services Mental Health HIV/AIDS Resources Housing Resources Shelters Transitional Housing Financial Support Financial Aid /Financial Guidance Food/ Clothing

Immigrant Resources Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice Legal Services LGBTQ Parenting Skills Pet Care & Shelters Senior Resources Sexual Assault/Rape Sex work/Trafficking Substance Abuse Resources Teen/ Youth Resources Transportation Victim Services Volunteer Opportunity DVIRC MEMBER AGENCIES San Francisco Alameda County Arab Cultural and Community Center (ACCC)

A Safe Place Asian Womens Resource Center/Gum Moon Alameda County Family Justice Center Womens Residence Building Futures with Women and Children Asian Womens Shelter DeafHope Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach Family Violence Law Center APA Family Support Services Shalom Bayit Bay Area Legal Aid Narika Community United Against Violence Safe Alternatives to Violent Environment Donaldina Cameron House (SAVE) Homeless Access Project/SF Home Rubys Place Jewish Family and Childrens Services Dream House Justice and Diversity Center Sacramento County Legal Aid Society - Employment Law Center My Sisters House Riley Center Saint Vincent de Paul Society

WEAVE Safe Start San Francisco Department on the Status of Women San Mateo County San Francisco Sherriffs Department; Survivor Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse Empowerment Program (CORA) Victim Services Division Volunteer Legal Services Program/BASF Santa Clara County W.O.M.A.N., Inc Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI) Ventura County Maitri The Coalition for Family Harmony, Oxnard Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence Support Network For Battered Women, YWCA Los Angeles Community Solutions Shepherds Door NISA Good Shepherd Shelter Rainbow Services Del Norte County

Rural Human Services Harrington House, DVIRC FUNDERS Usually clients needing shelter need to make multiple calls to many shelters to determine if bed space is available. With the DVIRC, we are able to give clients a list of shelters with possible space, saving them the time and frustration of calling every shelter in the area. - Nazgol, Alameda County Family Justice Center The DVIRC helps us to increase communication and collaboration in the domestic violence community throughout the state. We are able to share best practices, get training resources, and have access to many resourceful documents in the community tab. - Patricia, Next Door Solutions "The DVIRC is a one stop shop that

provides a myriad of DVIRC CONTACT INFORMATION (415) 969-6761 [email protected] Questions? Concerns? General thoughts?

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