4th 6 Weeks District Test Review / 6th Grd PRE-AP

4th 6 Weeks District Test Review / 6th Grd PRE-AP

4 6 Weeks District Test th Review / 6 Grd PRE-AP th Typed by Katherine Pease Describe and give examples of Biotic / Abiotic Factors Biotic Factor Abiotic Factor Definition: Living / once living factors in an ecosystem Definition:

Non-living / Never Living factors in an ecosystem Example Example Air / water / temperature / rocks / sunlight Example Example Example Example What are the levels of organization in an ecosystem from

least complex to most complex? Explain definition of each. Level Least Complex Organism Population Community Definition in own words 1 single individual organism 2 more organism of the same species that can reproduce 2 or more populations of species that are biotic in a given area, NO Abiotic Most Complex

Ecosystem An area where biotic and abiotic factors interact / a community and the abiotic factors interacting in a given area What are some reasons why scientist classify organisms? To help scientist to understand biodiversity. Biodiversity is the number of plants, animals, and other organisms living in an area Explain the 3 Domains of Taxonomy below.. What are the 4 kingdoms of Domain Eukarya?

Name of Kingdom Protista Unicellular / Multicellular Both unicellular and multicellular Autotrophic / heterotrophic Autotrophs (algae) Heterotrophs Autotrophs

Plantae Multicellular Fungi Unicellular Multicellular Heterotrophs Animalia Multicellular Heterotrophic

Sexual / Asexual Reproduction Sexually Asexually Sexually Asexually Sexually Asexually OR both Most sexually Picture Explain how sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction are alike and different.

Sexual Reproductio *Takesn 2 , 1 female and 1 male *Diverse genetics Asexual Reproduction Produce offspring Takes 1 to reproduce *Not genetically diverse

* Compare / Contrast Prokaryotic cells to Eukaryotic cells Prokaryotes Unicellular No nucleus No membrane-bound organelles Free floating DNA Eukaryotes Multicellular Has a Nucleus Has Membrane-bound organelles DNA is inside the nucleus Mitochondrion

Ribosomes Explain what a scientific name is and the purpose for it. Carolus Linnaeus simplified the naming of living things by creating the Scientific Name Scientific Name is the Genus the organism belongs to followed by the Species it belongs to. Genus Species The purpose is so that scientists from all over the world who may speak different languages to use the same name for an organism Explain what Natural Selection is. The purpose by which organisms that inherit helpful traits

tend to reproduce more successfully than other organisms do. Survival of the Fittest The four parts that contribute to natural selection is Overproduction Genetic Variation Selection Adaptation Explain what selective breeding is. The practice by which humans breed specific plants or animals for desired traits Use the dichotomous key to determine what each leaf is. Magnolia

Walnut Spruce Chestnut Elm Pine White Oak Holly Resources to Help You Review packet www.coachpease

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